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Feather & Down Duvets

Famously warm, luxuriously soft and highly breathable, feather & down duvets are the superstars of the duvet world. There's a wide range of feather and down duvets to choose from. If you love these duvets, you’ll adore our feather and down filled pillows and toppers.

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Customer Reviews

Which duvet is best, duck or goose?

Duck feather and down is springy, plump and cosy, it’s also comparatively budget friendly in comparison to goose feather and down. Duck feather and down fill duvets tend to be heavier than goose down and feather duvets, making them perfect for people who love the feeling of being tucked-up tightly in bed.

Goose down and feather duvets are light, airy and also very cosy. Goose down duvets tend to be more expensive than duvet down and feather duvets although this isn’t always the case. Goose down is lighter and more insulative than duck down which is why it is more highly prized. 

You can find out more about the different duvet fills available in our duvet fill guide.

Can you wash a feather duvet?

Yes, you can wash a feather duvet, but this is something that we’d recommend you do in a professional capacity washing machine to allow enough room for the duvet to circulate and for optimum cleaning. Drying your feather and down duvet is as important as washing it. Without proper drying, the fill can clump together and lose their insulative properties. It can take several hours of tumble drying to get a down and feather duvet completely dry. Find out more about caring for a down and feather duvet in our duvet care guide.