Hollowfibre Duvets

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Soft, springy and wonderfully insulative, hollowfibre fill duvets are very popular and for good reason. Their low price makes them very affordable - ideal if your budget is tight or if you need to buy new duvets for your entire household. This also makes hollowfibre duvets a great choice for owners of B&Bs, hotels and holiday cottages. Hollowfibre duvets are very easy to care for too. You can machine-wash them with ease and quickly tumble-dry them too. That said, for the best results we’d recommend you take your hollowfibre duvet to be cleaned professionally.

Hollowfibre duvets are very insulative, making them perfect for people who feel the cold and for houses that are on the chilly side. We offer a wide range of tog ratings so you can choose a lighter option for summer nights or warmer homes, a 9.0 tog and 10.5 tog - ideal for cooler months of the year. And if you want to be really snug, you can join two hollowfibre duvets together to create a super-warm winter weight duvet.

Because hollowfibre duvets are so lofty and have such a bouncy fill, they look lovely and full on your bed, creating an inviting bed that you’ll love climbing into at the end of the long day. The hollowfibre stays puffy without the need for extra plumping; you’ll feel wonderfully wrapped up and very cosy as you go to sleep.

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