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King Size Duvets

The king size duvet is our top-seller. And no wonder - whether you have a king size or a double bed, a king size has plenty of duvet for two! Choosing the right duvet can feel overwhelming. So, start by deciding whether you want a best-selling feather and down duvet, a synthetic duvet, or a natural alternative.

In the feather and down category, generally the more you pay, the lighter and puffier the duvet. Canadian Goose Down is amazingly light, while still retaining your body heat for a cosy night’s sleep, while Duck Feather and Down is heavier and firmer. Our synthetic favourite is microfibre, a fine grade of polyester fibre that acts like down. Over in the natural corner are wool and silk – with a thinner profile that’s less puffy than our other duvets, they do a great job of regulating your body temperature as you sleep.

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Customer Reviews

What size is a king size duvet?

A king duvet is 230 x 220cm. This is perfect for king size mattresses, but also works well for double mattresses, especially if you share a double bed and want to make sure there is plenty of duvet to share! You can find out more about the different duvet sizes in our duvet size guide.

Can you use a king size duvet on a double bed?

Yes! If you like to have plenty of duvet to go round, then a larger king size duvet is the perfect choice for a double bed, especially if you share your bed!

Which way round does a king size duvet go?

The sheer scale of a king size duvet means it can be tricky to work out where the top and bottom is when you’re putting a new duvet cover on. But there is a simple solution. Place the duvet on your bed and you’ll be able to clearly see its width and length. A king duvet is wider than it is long, so the top and bottom of the duvet will be wider than the sides. However, Soak&Sleep duvets have a handy feature which makes this job easier for you. The care labels are always on the side of a Soak&Sleep duvet. So, simply locate these and you’ll find it far easier to make up your duvet correctly.

How do you wash a king size duvet at home?

Unless you have a professional capacity washing machine, we’d recommend you don’t wash a king size duvet at home. That’s because there’s simply not enough space in even generously sized domestic washing machines. Your duvet won’t get a proper wash and any detergent residues that aren’t rinsed away could damage your lovely king size duvet. What’s more, a wet king size duvet is very heavy and may damage your washing machine. Take your king size washing machine to a launderette or dry cleaners and let them do the dirty work for you. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the professional capacity tumble driers – essential for making sure your king size duvet is dry as a bone. Even a small amount of dampness in the fill can result in clumping – which damages your duvet and reduces its effectiveness. 

Because washing a king size duvet isn’t a quick job, it’s best to protect your duvet. Using a duvet protector will prevent spills and stains from reaching your duvet, keeping it cleaner for longer. And of course, always use a king size duvet cover with your king size duvet.

Find out more about caring for king size duvets in our duvet care guide