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What is a single duvet?

If you're replacing an old single duvet don't worry - all your standard bed linen should still fit. That's because we use UK sizing (135 x 200cm or 4’5”). Of course, some beautiful new silk sheets would be a nice addition, don't you think?

Our sleep expert says: "Single duvets are made to fit a mattress size of 90cm x 190cm (3ft x 6ft 3") - the extra width falls down the sides of the bed. You could size up to a double although that gets pretty wide. Don't forget to buy a double duvet cover if you do this!

Handy tips: Confusingly enough, a single bed is sometimes called a "twin bed" overseas. In the UK, "twin bed" is used to describe two beds in the same room and doesn't necessarily refer to the size of the beds. It's always sensible to measure up before you buy.

What is the best type of duvet to buy?

Our single duvets come in a wide range of fills. Here’s some detail about the different type of fills so you can choose the best for your needs. 

Feather & Down fill duvets are made with either duck feather & down or goose feather & down. This fill is plump, soft and wonderfully insulative while still being breathable for all-night comfort.

Natural fill duvets such as wool, linen, cotton or silk are less plump than other duvet types and filled with a carded layer of fibre. They’re especially effective at helping you stay at the right temperature all night, no matter what the weather.

Synthetic fill duvets are filled with microfibre or polyester. They tend to be more budget-friendly than other duvets and easier to care for, but aren’t as breathable which may leave you waking up in the night feeling hot and sticky. 

Find out more about our different duvets in our duvet buying guide.

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