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13.5 & 15 Tog Winter Duvets

Sleep well no matter how cold the weather by choosing the right duvet tog for winter. Choose between a cosy 13.5 tog duvet and a toasty 15 tog duvet and then finish your bed with a new duvet cover or bedset for the ultimate winter retreat.

Customer Reviews

How many togs for a winter duvet?

The right tog for a winter duvet depends on how much you feel the cold. 13.5 togs is the classic choice for a winter duvet, but if you live in a well-insulated property in a part of the country that has mild winters, you may find a 10.5 tog duvet and a blanket is enough. However, if you live in a very cold part of the country, you may want something warmer. In this case, a 15 tog duvet will keep you wonderfully warm all night long. 

How to store winter duvets

Winter duvets are a delight when the weather’s cold, but not ideal in warmer weather. So finding a way to store them safely and tidily is a must. After thoroughly airing or cleaning your duvet, store your duvet in a breathable bag or box that’s securely fastened. You can then store your duvet out of the way until next winter. Find out more about caring for your duvet in our duvet care guide.