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  1. Wool 2000 Pocket Spring Mattresses
    Temperature regulating support

    Starting at £445.00

  2. Classic 1000 Pocket Spring Mattresses
    Great value responsive support

    Starting at £220.00

  3. Classic Memory Foam 1000 Pocket Spring Mattresses
    Great value comfort and support

    Starting at £255.00

  4. Latex 3000 Pocket Spring Mattresses
    Cool & fresh responsive support

    Starting at £730.00

  5. Classic Sleepzone Pillow Top Mattresses
    Great value support with pillowtop

    Starting at £210.00

7 Items

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Want your perfect mattress?

We’re here to help you find it faster! Here’s a 30-second guide to the basics:

Open Spring Mattresses are – generally firmer and cheaper than other types. You can make them softer by adding a mattress topper. For tailored support, Pocket Spring is a system of individually-wrapped springs. They work independently, providing firmer resistance exactly where you need it.

On top of springs is padding. It pays to get good stuff! The best bedmakers use natural materials like cashmere and lambswool (and we’ve incorporated it into some of our finest mattresses).

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