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A pillow top mattress gives you extra comfort without the need for a separate topper. Pillow top mattresses are just the thing if you like to hunker down into a soft and snuggly mattress. We construct our pillow top mattresses by creating a regular mattress base and then attaching a separate pillow top to the mattress base. You cannot remove the pillow top from the mattress - it’s a permanent feature of your mattress. 

There are many different types of pillow top mattresses. Some of them are filled with soft, cushioning materials such as foam or natural fibres, whilst others have a layer of small springs to provide an extra layer of super responsiveness. The pillow top adds extra depth to your mattress, so you will need to use extra deep fitted sheets to give the pillow top enough space to work properly.

We have pillow top mattresses in a range of prices, so you can afford to sleep in pillow top comfort, regardless of your budget.

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