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  1. Soft As Down Microfibre Pillows
    Synthetic fill that feels like down

    Starting at £14.00

  2. 90% Hungarian Goose Down Pillows
    Premium down comfort & support

    Starting at £60.00

  3. Memory Foam Standard Pillow - Firm
    Adaptive, cushioned support
    RRP £25.00 Save 4%
  4. Soft As Down Microfibre With Silk Pillows
    Breathable fill that feels like down

    Starting at £30.00

  5. Multi-Purpose Pillow - Firm
    Full body support & pressure relief
    RRP £55.00 Save 5%
  6. 80% Goose Down Pillows
    Excellent down comfort & support

    Starting at £35.00

  7. 100% Canadian Goose Down Pillows
    Supreme down comfort & support

    Starting at £145.00

  8. Memory Foam Neck Pillow - Firm
    Supportive sleep wherever you go
    RRP £19.99 Save 57%
  9. Memory Foam Knee Pillow - Firm
    Specialist night-time knee support
    RRP £25.00 Save 52%
  10. Special Buy Goose Feather & Down Pillows
    Great value natural insulation

    Starting at £24.00

  11. Recycled Feather & Down Pillows
    A greener, kinder way to hit the hay.

    Starting at £50.00

Items 1-12 of 20

Set Descending Direction

We spend a third of our lives asleep, so a good pillow is as important as good shoes.

It’ll keep you comfortable, rested, and energised. If you find you struggle to get comfy at night, suffer from an achy neck and are always plumping up your pillow, then it's time to get a new pillow.

No matter how good your pillow, it will need to be replaced after about two years.

Pillows become less supportive with age, putting extra pressure on your neck and back. Choose the right level of firmness and pillow height, or pair up pillows, to make sure your head is resting at the same angle as the rest of your body and to suit your sleeping position.

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