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Struggling to get comfy?  Browse through our extensive collection of firmness, filling and types to find your one-way ticket to Cloud Nine. Need help choosing? Read our buying guide or give our friendly Sleep Experts a call.

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There's no such thing as 'one-type-fits-all' when it comes to pillow firmness. Choosing the right support for your sleep position makes all the difference.

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Cheerful mornings follow restful nights. Give our range hardworking pillows a try.

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Synthetic, natural or feather & down? Having the right comfort level to your pillow is essential to a good night of sleep. Choose fillings based on your personal preferences.

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  1. Cooling Chamber Pillows
    Full body support & pressure relief

    Starting at £18.74

  2. Memory Foam Neck Pillow - Firm
    Supportive sleep wherever you go
    RRP £19.99 Save 57%
  3. Duck Feather & Down Travel Pillow - Medium
    Great value travel comfort
    RRP £15.00 Save 20%
  4. Memory Foam Knee Pillow - Firm
    Specialist night-time knee support
    RRP £25.00 Save 52%
  5. Pure Silk Pillows
    Naturally breathable & luxurious

    Starting at £70.00

    Out of stock
  6. Recycled Feather & Down Standard Pillow Pair - Soft/Medium
    A greener, kinder way to hit the hay.
    Out of stock
  7. Duck Feather & Down Soft Pillows

    Starting at £28.99

    Out of stock
  8. Body Pillow
    Full body support & pressure relief
    RRP £35.00 Save 14%
    Out of stock

Items 13-20 of 20

Set Descending Direction

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Pillow Size Guide

Pillow Size Guide

Junior 40cm x 60cm
16" x 24"
Standard 50cm x 75cm
20" x 30"
Superking 50cm x 90cm
20" x 36"
Square 65cm x 65cm
26" x 26"
Euro Small 50cm x 60cm
20" x 24"

What is the ideal depth of pillow for a side sleeper?

If you're a side sleeper, you need to take account of your frame - people with broader shoulders will need a deeper pillow than those with narrower shoulders.

What is the ideal depth of pillow for a back sleeper?

Back sleepers need a pillow that allows their heads to rest in a neutral position, without excessively tilting the head upwards or allowing it to roll backwards.


Who needs creams and potions? Restore your youthful glow with a good night’s sleep. Our pillows are just the job. With light-as-air goose down pillows to a supportive memory foam pillow, and even a full body pillow that supports the body in pregnancy as well as those with aches and pains, you’ll find your perfect pillow for a fresher, brighter, more radiant you. Choose from a range of support pillows with a range of profiles giving you a choice of comfort and support.

Whether you're a side sleeper, tummy sleeper or sprawled-out-on-your-back sleeper, you'll find something to suit all sleeping positions and firmness choices with our range of luxury pillows. Available in a choice of fills including cool and fresh natural pillows, easy-care synthetic pillows, snuffle-free anti-allergy pillows and plumpalicious feather and down pillows.

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