King Bed Protectors

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Your body probably leaked about a cupful of fluid last night. We’re not making this up, it’s science!

Sorry to be disgusting, but your body loses over a quarter of a litre of moisture every night and up to half a kilo of dead skin per year. Presented with facts like this (no matter how often you shower), we think you’ll agree that you need something on your mattress that can be washed weekly.

DON’T PANIC! Just hurry on over to our king size mattress protectors. There are several to choose from, including waterproof (non-squeaky) and luxury, well-padded versions. All easy to wash and very well equipped to defend your mattress against bodily fluids, dust mites, bacteria, and dead skin. You just might wash them more often after reading this…

Our bedding expert says: “King size mattress protectors measure 150cm x 200cm). If you want to use a topper under the king size mattress protector, choose an extra-deep one.”

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