100% Canadian Goose Down Standard Pillow Pair - Medium/Firm

RRP £380.00 Save 30%
  • Lofty & light 100% Canadian down
  • Super-clean for allergy sufferers
  • Range of firmness options
  • 5 year guarantee
RRP £380.00 Save 30%
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Pure Canadian Goose Down. Pure luxury. 

The wind blows cold in Alberta, Canada; as cold as -54°C. This chilly part of the world is home to the Hutterite communities that provide the luxurious down for our Canadian Goose Down duvets. All that cold weather means the geese they rear have incredibly insulating and lofty down.

The super-sized and ethically-sourced down clusters trap warm air for incredible insulation and loft that feels light as air and wonderfully warm. The result? A superb night's sleep and a start to your day that's more indulgent than cream on your cornflakes.

Features and Facts

  • As Canadian as Can Be
    The outer chambers of these pillows are filled with nothing but Canadian Goose Down, from Geese reared by the Hutterites in Alberta, Canada. It's renowned for its incredible quality and gloriously large down clusters. These two qualities result in a high fill power of 850cbi with exceptional recovery power that creates exceptionally lightweight, voluminous and soft pillow chambers for night after night of heavenly sleep.

  • Sleep Responsibly
    The filling in this pillow is fully traceable Hutterite Canadian Goose Down that carries the ultimate seal of approval; the Downmark. You'll only find the Downmark on Canadian products filled with down of the very highest standard. Each pillow has a lot number for traceability and reassurance.

  • Not to be Sneezed At
    With excellent turbidity and oxygen levels this goose down duvet meets the classification of super clean, making it a good choice for allergy sufferers. Hooray!

  • *Star Pupil*
    This pillow has gone through rigourous testing to make sure it has what it takes to supercharge your sleep. It's made and tested to EN standards with special focus on the fill quality and down content.

Technical details

More Information
Type Pillow Pair
Size Standard - 2 Pack
Firmness Medium/Firm
Sleeping Position Back Sleeper, Side Sleeper
Threadcount 320TC
Dimensions 50 x 75cm
Resting Depth 19 cm
Sleeping Depth 11.5 cm
Quantity in Pack Two
Material 100% Pure Down Proof Cambric Cotton
Filling 100% Canadian Hutterite Goose Down
Inner Filling 100% Canadian Hutterite Feather
Outer Filling 100% Canadian Hutterite Down
Fill Weight 1068g
Designed in UK
Manufactured in Canada
Sourced from Filling sourced from: Canada

The Look & Feel

  • Take Your Pick

    You can choose between soft and medium/firm firmnesses. The medium/firm option has a supportive central chamber that's better suited to side and back sleepers due to it's depth. The soft firmness doesn't have an inner chamber and is a better choice for anyone with smaller shoulders.

  • Full Fat Indulgence

    Filled with pure premium Canadian Goose Down, the outer chamber feels heavenly soft, light and comforting as your head sinks in to it. You'll feel the support in the medium/firm option of the Goose feather inner chamber as your head won't sink deeply in to the pillow.

  • Softly Does It

    Wrapped in a light, fine and breathable 320 thread count cambric cotton case, for a luxurious, rustle-free night's sleep

  • Made to Last

    These beautiful pillows are double stitched to make them as durable as they are comfortable, providing support for a comfortable sleep.


  • 1
    Air before use
    Feather and down pillows can have an odor when they first arrive in their packaging as it can become concentrated whilst in transit. Our packaging is breathable to help this and this pillow also meets our super-clean standard. This means that very low levels of the natural oil and fat that can cause odor are present on the fill. You shouldn't experience any odor with this pillow, unless you have a very sensitive sense of smell! If you do, air for a couple of days before use.
  • 2
    Protect your pillow
    Always use a pillow protector to protect from accidental spills and stains, washing your protector frequently to maintain a clean and fresh pillow.
  • 3
    Plump up the volume
    Keep your pillows looking and feeling their best with a shake and a plump every morning.
  • 4
    Pull back the covers
    Keep things healthy by pulling back the covers to air your bed whilst you're getting ready for the day. This helps excess moisture to evaporate so your bed stays fresher and cleaner and is especially important with feather and down fills as moisture can make their natural odor more pronounced.
  • 5
    Wash at 40°C
    Every 6-12 months will do the trick - why not clean your pillows with the change of seasons - at the same time as you clean your duvet?
  • 5
    Dry as a bone
    Protect your pillow and tumble-dry until completely dry. Even the smallest amount of moisture can damage the fill and cause uncomfortable clumping. It can also make the natural odor of feather and down more pronounced. That's why we recommend a professional wash and dry for pillows.

Pillow Size Guide

Pillow Size Guide

Junior 40cm x 60cm
16" x 24"
Standard 50cm x 75cm
20" x 30"
Superking 50cm x 90cm
20" x 36"
Square 65cm x 65cm
26" x 26"
Euro Small 50cm x 60cm
20" x 24"

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