Temperature Regulating Mattress Protectors

£31.50 - £54.00
£31.50 - £54.00
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  • Innovative lyocell temperature control
  • Fully waterproof for peace of mind
  • Mattress & pillow options
  • 3 year guarantee
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Protect your bedding in comfort with this temperature-regulating protector.

Why should you need to choose between waterproof protection and temperature regulating comfort? This clever protector gives you the best of both worlds.

Waterproof protectors are wonderful at keeping mattresses and pillows clean and dry but can lack breathability which means overheating and a bad night's sleep. Take control and invest in this temperature regulating protector. Its technical credentials means you can rest assured that you'll get a protected mattress and a blissful pass to the land of nod. Let's be honest - we can't think of anyone who doesn't want to rest safe in the knowledge that their luxury bedding is protected in such an agreeable way!

Make Mondays exciting again.

Kelj fel! That's "wake up!" in Hungarian in case you weren't sure. Well, you'll be springing out of your sack after sleeping under all that Hungarian goose down goodness - it's feels very light and is incredibly insulating. Generously filled with 90% down you'll be ready to take on the world after sleeping like a (Hungarian) baby.

Make Mondays exciting again.

Luxurious and healthy wraps filled with the most indulgent mix of Hungarian goose down goodness. Topping at a whooping 90% down with just the right amount of breathable feathers, all encased in a pure cotton casing, these duvets get down to business so you can be able to cope with whatever life throws at you during the day.

Make Mondays exciting again.

Luxurious and healthy wraps filled with the most indulgent mix of Hungarian goose down goodness. Topping at a whooping 90% down with just the right amount of breathable feathers, all encased in a pure cotton casing, these duvets get down to business so you can be able to cope with whatever life throws at you during the day.

Build your all-year-round duvet

The weather outside isn't the same all year round, so why should your duvet be? Mix things up by pairing your duvet with another for chillier months and using alone when the mercury rises. Remember that the type of house you live in affects the type of duvet you need. Modern, energy-efficient homes tend to stay toasty all year round, so you may find you're comfortable with a low tog duvet no matter what the weather's doing. But if you're in an older or more draughty property then a higher tog duvet combination might be more suitable during winter months. The handy ""cufflink"" system on our duvets means you can mix and match between our duvets to create your personalised duvet combination. We're all different, so someone in your house may prefer a lighter tog duvet even if you prefer to wrap up in the warmest tog combination you can find. For this reason, you should match duvet tog to personal preference, keeping a careful eye out for children and the elderly who are less able to regulate their body temperatures and have more specific requirements. Lastly, if you share a bed, you'll probably find the extra body heat means you need a lower tog than someone who sleeps alone. This is especially important to remember if you co-sleep with young children, in which case use a low tog duvet to prevent them from overheating.


Features and Facts

  • Not too hot, not too cold...
    Filled with a technical blend of lyocell and polyester engineered in Germany, this protector is a temperature regulating dream. The fibres have a phase change technology that absorb heat and moisture from your body when you're too warm and release it when you're too cold. The result? You'll always feel just right.

  • Softly, Softly
    The Tencel & cotton blend fabric works beautifully to wick away excess moisture for better bedtime comfort. Tencel is a temperature regulator, this means sleeping beauties stay at a constant and comfortable temperature all night long with the added reassurance of fully-protected bedding.

  • Fully Protected
    An edge to edge TPU waterproof bottom layer keeps your mattress completely dry. This base layer is attached to the protector at its edges only and is unquilted, giving you complete peace of mind. Please note that the sides are not waterproof.

  • Easy Peasy
    This machine-washable protector is also easy to tumble-dry for a quick turnaround on laundry day.

Technical details

More Information
SKU Temp-Reg-Protectors_group
Product Guarantee This protector has a 3 year guarantee.
Material 55% Tencel, 45% Cotton
Filling 60% Lyocell, 40% Polyester

The Look & Feel

  • Generously Filled

    A generous filling of 200gsm feels plump and adds further comfort to your mattress and pillow. These protectors have a flat profile.

  • Softly, Softly

    The soft case is made with a 233 thread count blend of Tencel & cotton wicks away excess moisture for better bedtime comfort and noise-free protection

  • Quilted Cotton

    We've quilted this protector to keep the polyester fill neatly in place and finished it with a waterproof sheet of TPU to stop moisture in its tracks.

  • Safe & Secure

    Attach the mattress protector to your mattress with the elasticated jersey skirt. This pillow protector fastens with a no-fuss zip for a simple way to keep your pillow safe and secure.

The Look & Feel

  • Tailored to you
    Cold feet? Not for you. Use the handy cufflink fastenings to pair this duvet with another to create your personalised all-season duvet. The choice of togs in this range gives you the flexibility to go from a 3.0 tog all the way up to an 18.0 tog duvet.
  • Luxurious
    The 90% down content makes a lightweight, but very insulating, duvet thanks to the lofty down clusters it's filled with.
  • Breathable
    Wrapped in a luxurious 280 thread count cotton casing for a lightweight and breathable finish.
  • Meticulous
    To make the most of this premium goose down filling, the 3.0 and 4.5 tog contain their fill within stitched through boxes. The 9.0, 10.5 and 13.5 duvets are made with baffle walls to allow the down clusters to move and breathe. Both constructions result in an even profile across your bed.

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  • 1
    Take it easy
    Make life easier and buy two sets of protectors for each bed. That way you can rotate between washes and keep your bedding in tip-top condition.
  • 2
    Accidents happen
    It's best to remove this protector from your bed as soon as you can after any spill or accident. The TPU base layer of this protector works hard; if a volume of liquid is left in the protector over a period of time it will eventually seep to the edges and may escape.
  • 3
    Pull back the covers
    Keep things healthy by airing your bed each day. Half an hour or so while you're showering and getting dressed should do the trick. This helps excess moisture to evaporate so your bed stays fresher and cleaner.
  • 4
    Keep it clean
    Your protector will work hardest for you if you wash it regularly. We recommend every 3-4 weeks. You can wash these protectors at 40°C, although we'd recommend you wash it at 30°C for a greener way to stay clean. This protector is not suitable for dry cleaning.
  • 5
    Low maintenance
    Don't bleach, iron or dry-clean this mattress/pillow protector in case you damage the specialist fill.
  • 6
    Dry as a bone
    Dry completely before use. The carded fill of this protector is sewn in place but leaving moisture in the protector for longer than necessary can damage the fill and cause it to clump.
  • Duvet collection

    We’re keen on recycling everythig we can so we’re happy to collect your old duvet and recycle it for you. We assure you it won’t end up in a landfill.

  • Sleep School

    Want to know more about our products and how can they help boosting your energy?

  • Sleep Trial

    Never stop exploring. With our sleep trial program you can test our products and make sure you get the best ot of your sleep.


The science behind it


90% Hungarian goose down
& 10% Hungarian goose feathers

Maximum insulation with minimum weight.


100% cotton casing
the 280 thread count cotton case
is breathable and moisture wicking
for a fresher start to the day.

Protector Size Guide

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Tested and Accredited

Not all duvets are created the same therefore, based in their inner and outer characteristics, they need to be cared for differently. Care properly for your duvet and it will recharge you for many years to come. Here is what you need to do in order to make the most out

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