7 reasons why to sleep on linen I Soak&Sleep

Linen is not only desirable for table decorations, holiday attire or blinds, but also a favourite in the bedding category. Known as old of the oldest known fabrics, linen has been proven to be established by the ancient Egyptians. Its history, uses and unbeatable qualities have meant that it’s a household name to this day, but why is that, and should you be inviting linen into your bedroom?

What is linen?

Linen is a fabric that is made up of the fibre of a Flax plant. Flax can grow all around the world, but it thrives most in damp and cool environments. We source our flax from Normandy, which is the largest supplier of this fibre in the world. 

The fibres are extracted from the plant (along with its seeds) which are separated and then the longest pieces are spun together to create a yarn. Its seeds are then used to flaxseed oil in a food supplement form.


What are the qualities of the linen fibre?

Flax once spun to create this beautiful yarn, has a wealth of qualities and benefits that make it popular in homeware as well as fashion.

Temperature regulating

Linen is praised for its natural temperature regulating properties, but why? It’s all down to the hollowfibre weave of the threads within the fabric, as in linen it allows more airflow, which lends itself to naturally a cooler night's sleep. Not only that, it responds to your body temperature so is perfect for year-round sleeping, adjusting if your body is too hot or cold. 


The nature of this fibre and the provenance, meaning it’s great for allergy sufferers. Plus due to the nature of the weave being hollow it repels dirt and means that fewer bacteria and sweat is built up within the threads.

Strength & long-lasting

Praised for its strength, this beautiful fibre is stronger than cotton, and its durability means that it’s long-lasting and the quality stays in good condition. 


Linen has been proven to be able to absorb 20% of its own weight in moisture, whilst keeping it’s cool and feeling damp or sodden. It’s a summer favourite for that reason, as it’s less likely to cling to your skin or feel wet during warmer nights.

3 reasons linen is great in the bedroom


Stylish and effortlessly good-looking

Not only is linen bedding a total dream to look after, but it’s also looking it’s best without being ironed, meaning you’ll spend less time in the laundry room and more time snuggled up. Linen has a relaxed, timeless and effortless look, so throw it on and bed down for the season. 

Not only that, because the fabric is so porous, it’s easy to die, so making a mark on your bedroom look has never been so simple. Available in a range of colours, Soak&Sleep has a shade to match, with complimenting colours to mix and match.

Softer and softer after each wash

The distinct texture of linen is supple, soft and distinct, but what’s even better is that it gets softer and softer after each wage. Like a fine wine, this long-lasting fibre just keeps getting better with age.

Year-round comfort

French linen may be a go-to for many, but what makes this wonder fabric even more special is that your investment goes a long way. With some bedding being only suitable for certain types of the year or warmer months, linens clever natural temperature regulating properties mean that a set can be slept with and enjoyed throughout the whole year.


French linen is a popular option for many, but to find out more about other bedding fabrics and their benefits read here.

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