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Our extensive range of cotton duvet covers and bed sets include luxurious 1000 thread count Supima cotton duvet covers, a full range of Egyptian Cotton duvet covers and bright and breezy pure cotton bedding that’s perfect for spare rooms.

What’s the difference between cotton and Egyptian Cotton?

Cotton duvets and Egyptian Cotton duvets are both made with cotton fibres, but that’s where the difference ends. Unlike regular cotton duvet covers, an Egyptian Cotton duvet cover is made with approved strains of cotton that’s grown on the banks of the Nile. It’s the combination of the cotton strain, the fertile soil and warm climate that creates cotton with extra long fibres, known as staples. These long staples create smoother, softer and more durable yarn, which when woven into a duvet cover creates a more luxurious end-product. Real Egyptian Cotton is certified – proof that your Egyptian Cotton duvet cover has been grown with this very special cotton. This certification is proven with an official label on your new product. Find out more about the fabrics we use by reading our bed linen buying guide.

What size duvet cover should I choose?

Choose the duvet cover that best fits your duvet. We sell a full range of duvet cover sizes, ranging from cot bed all the way up to Emperor. Find out more about our range of cotton duvet sizes in our bed linen size guide

Cotton Duvet Covers & Bedding Sets FAQs

What thread count cotton bedding do you have?

Our cotton bedding sets are available in a range of thread counts. Our lowest thread count bedding is 200 thread count; this creates a lightweight fabric that feels soft against the skin. Our highest thread count bed linen is 1000 thread count. This is a rich, heavy and premium fabric that feels silky smooth to the touch. Because of its weight, our 1000 TC bed linen has a luxurious drape for an indulgence you can see from a distance. In between these two extremes, you can choose from 300TC cotton bedding sets, 400 thread count, 500 thread count, 600 thread count bedding, and 800 thread count cotton bedding sets. 

Is cotton bedding hypoallergenic?

Cotton is a naturally hypoallergenic material. It is clinically proven to be non-irritating, even to sensitive skin, making 100% cotton fabrics a good choice for everyone. To ensure your cotton bedding sets remain healthy, it's important to regularly wash and dry them thoroughly. This removes the build-up of dirt and bacteria that can harbour allergens. 100% cotton bedding sets are easy to wash and dry and can be washed at high temperatures if needed, although we recommend laundering at 30 degrees. Drying your cotton bedding sets thoroughly before storage will prevent the build-up of moulds, such as mildew, which can trigger sensitivities. Finally, clean cotton bedding sets can be ironed easily, yet another way to prevent the build-up of allergens.

What are the benefits of getting 100% cotton bedding?

100% cotton bedding is an excellent choice for bedding because it is so easy to care for and very comfortable to sleep with. Cotton bedding sets don't need any special treatment on laundry day - just wash them in your machine at 30 degrees and then dry them - outside on a washing line if you can. If you like to iron your cotton bedding set, you can, but it doesn't matter if you prefer not to. The other benefit of 100% cotton bedding sets is the way they support comfortable sleep. Cotton is breathable, and this helps prevent overheating as you sleep. It's also smooth and soft to the touch, making 100% cotton bed linen a great addition to anyone's bedroom.

Is cotton bedding good for the environment?

Whether or not cotton bedding is good for the environment depends on its production. Many cotton growing practices use large volumes of water, herbicides and pesticides which are bad for the environment. Cotton bedding sets made with sustainably grown cotton are less damaging for the environment. One of the best ways to ensure your bed linen supports the environment is to invest in high-quality 100% cotton bed linen that will last a long time. That way, you won't need to replace it as often and will reduce your impact on the environment. And, when you do eventually replace your cotton bedding sets, you can re-purpose your bedding. Read our blog for inspiration.

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