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The best duvet I have ever brought – Jennie Fecitt 2019.

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Personalised duvets with a choice of size, tog and fill.

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Expert Recommendations

  1. Clearance
    Up to 50% off
    New Zealand Wool Duvet
    New Zealand Wool Duvet £28.50 - £168.00
  2. Soft As Down Microfibre Duvet £28.00 - £144.00
  3. Clearance
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    Ultimate 90% Hungarian Goose Down Duvet
    90% Hungarian Goose Down Duvet £72.00 - £483.20
  4. Clearance
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    Soft As Down Microfibre with Silk Duvet
  5. Duck Feather & Down Duvet £28.00 - £138.00
Duvet Togs and Duvet Warmth

Shop Duvets by Tog / Warmth

Summer Duvets (3 & 4.5 Tog) Spring/Autumn Duvets (7.5, 9 & 10.5 Tog) Winter Duvets (13.5 & 15 Tog) All Season Duvets (7.5, 13.5, 15 & 18 Tog) Extra Warm Duvets (18 Tog)

Why should your duvet be the same all year round when the weather isn't? Match your duvet to your personal sleep preferences, find the warmth you need and build all year comfort with our 'Build a Tog' connector systems.

Duvet Fillings

Shop Duvets by Filling

Feather & Down Duvets Silk Duvets Wool Duvets Synthetic Duvets

Synthetic, natural or feather & down? Temperature regulation or insulation? Having the right duvet, at the right time of year is an essential part of your sleep wardrobe.

Duvet Sizes

Shop Duvets by Size

Cot Bed Duvets Single Duvets Double Duvets King Size Duvets Superking Duvets Emperor Duvets

Whichever size bed you have, we've got you covered. Sharing with a partner? We'd always recommend going a bed size up or using two single duvets, no more duvet hogging!

Warehouse Clearance - Up To 40% OffWarehouse Clearance - Up To 40% Off
Your Sleep, Your StyleYour Sleep, Your Style

Customer Reviews

Duvet Size Guide

Duvet Size Guide

(W x L)
Cot Bed 120cm x 150cm
47" x 59"
Single 135cm x 200cm
53" x 79"
Double 200cm x 200cm
79" x 79"
King Size 230cm x 220cm
91" x 87"
Superking 260cm x 220cm
102" x 87"
Emperor 290cm x 235cm
114" x 93"

Which duvet tog rating should you get a baby, toddler or child?

Do not use a duvet on a baby under 12 months old. Small children cannot effectively regulate their body temperature, so make sure their duvet is no warmer than 4.0 togs.


What size duvet should you get based on the size of your bed?

Get a duvet the same size as your bed. For example, get a double duvet for a double bed. If you share your bed then consider going a size up. For example, get a king size duvet for a double bed.


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Start each day with a little extra "wahey!" after getting your beauty sleep under one of our top-notch duvets. Take the time to choose your perfect duvet for a beautiful night’s sleep. From a lofty, fluffy goose down duvet to cool and soft summer duvet and everything in-between, our duvet and quilt range has something for everyone. There are synthetic fillings which mimic feather & down and are great for allergy sufferers or anyone without a feather-bed budget. Feather & down create lightweight and insulative duvets.

Natural fillings are the temperature-regulating heroes of the duvet world; wool works hard at keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter while silk is perfect for anyone prone to overheating. Take your pick of tog ratings ranging from a barely there 3 tog all the way up to a chill-proof 18 tog duvet. Our range of luxury duvets include hypoallergenic feather and down, and Sanitized® treated anti-allergy bedding. Choose from a large range of bedding sizes with single duvet, double duvet, king size duvet, even emperor size duvets!

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