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  1. Chalk Pure Hemp Bedding

    Chalk Pure Hemp Bedding

    Up to 30% off

    Relax in the comfort of sustainable, temperature-regulating hemp bed linen.

    Starting at £21.00

  2. French Linen Bedding and Bed Sets

    French Linen Bedding and Bed Sets

    Up to 30% off

    Add some casual French charm to your bedtime with this luxurious, temperature-regulating linen bedding.

    Starting at £22.50

  3. Pure Mulberry Silk Bedding SALE

    Pure Mulberry Silk Bedding

    Up to 30% off

    Treat yourself to the ultimate in indulgence - pure Mulberry Silk bed linen.

    Starting at £42.00

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Summer Bedding FAQs

How to sleep well in summer heat?

During the warmer weather, it's important to swap out your higher tog duvets, and invite lightweight and natural materials for a comfortable nights sleep. Bedlinen made using materials such as silk, hemp, linen and cotton naturally wick away moisture, responding to your body's temperature for a cooler sleeping environment. Choose lower tog summer duvets (3 4.5 togs) which are a perfectly filled weight to prevent night-time overheating. 

Is linen bedding good for summer?

French linen is a wonderful option during the warmer nights, the natural fibre is loosely woven meaning that hot air can easily escape. Not only that, it naturally absorbs moistures, keeping the sleep surface cool and dry. Our French linen range is available is a range of stylish, classic shades, and feels lightweight and luxurious. 

Would a protector help on a Hot Summer Nights?

Our mattress and pillow protectors will help you sleep better on summer nights due to their ability to regulate temperatures, making them a great addition to your summer bedding collection.  Choose protectors that have naturally temperature-regulating properties, such as bamboo and cotton and take advantage of our Coolmax technology that creates a cooling feeling as you sleep

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