Pillows for pains and aches I Soak&Sleep

Sometimes a warm bath and good night’s sleep aren’t enough to ease aches and pains. If you’re living with a chronic condition or suffering with temporary discomfort due to surgery or injury, getting comfortable in bed can be an ordeal in itself. 

Enter the world of alternative pillows. Unlike the regular rectangular pillows that are designed to support your head, specialist pillows help position the rest of your body more comfortably as you sleep. This helps reduce pressure on joints and muscles, which, in turn, gives your body a chance to rest more fully. This means a better night’s sleep for you!

Here are five of our favourite alternative pillows:

Full-body pillow

Also sold as a pregnancy pillow, these extra-large pillows are endlessly adaptable. Wrap one around your body to provide support as you sit in bed, rest a leg on it to reduce pressure on aching hips or knees or simply cuddle into it to ease pressure on the front of your body. As the name suggests, these pillows are perfect for expectant mamas. The adaptable soft pillow is ideal for supporting bumps, aching hips and swollen ankles for a more restful night’s sleep.

A wedge pillow

These flexible pillows can be used in many ways. You can reduce pressure on your lower back or ease painful feet and ankles by raising your feet. Alternatively, lean your upper body against a wedge pillow to ease coughs or acid reflux.

Most wedge pillows are made from foam and will feel firm to the touch. Want a softer surface to rest against? Then layer up with your favourite pillow. We love a down-filled pillow – it adds softness with only a little extra depth so you’ll still get all the benefits of your wedge pillow.

Knee pillow

Sleeping on your side is popular but can put extra pressure on your body, causing pain if you suffer from the lower back, pelvic or hip pain. Using a knee pillow can help reduce this discomfort while letting you nod off in your favourite sleeping position. Place one of these moulded knee pillows between your knees. Your hips and pelvis will now be better aligned, reducing pressure around your lower back and hips. Knee pillow fans tell us that sleeping with one of these pillows is life-changing – less back pain, more comfortable joints, better sleep.

Neck pillow

You might already have a travel pillow tucked away for long haul flights or overnight coach trips, but have you considered using one at bedtime? If you’re restricted to sleeping upright due to surgery or a health condition, it can be difficult to nod off comfortably. That’s where a neck pillow can help. 

And here’s another tip, neck pillows can be worn in any direction around your neck depending on the way you sleep. Wear it to the front, side or back, depending on the way your head lolls while you sleep. The result? Fewer cases of a cricked neck and less uncomfortable jolts as you nod off. 

Here’s another tip – if you suffer from a stiff neck due to injury or strain, a neck pillow can make life more comfortable during the day. They’re ideal for wearing while you’re sitting at a desk or watching television. That’s thanks to the way they allow you to relieve some of the weight of your head.

Small travel pillow

It’s not a specialist pillow as such but stick with us here. As relaxing as they may be, holidays can play havoc with your sleep. Unless you strike lucky, it’s unlikely you’ll get the pillow and mattress combination you rely on at home for a perfect night’s sleep. And that’s where a small travel pillow like this one comes in. Easy to pack into your luggage, the feather and down fill puffs up with ease ready to be used however you choose. Use it between your knees, to support your lower back or simply to add more height to the pillows you rest your head-on. Whatever you use it for, you’ll be glad you packed it.


Investing in a specialist pillow can make a big difference in the quality of your sleep. Visit the pillow section of our website to find your perfect pillow and treat yourself to the gift of better sleep.