Sleep with a clear conscience.

Eco-friendly bedding

We are well on our way to improving the environmental impact of our bedding with a stylish new range of eco-friendly products that'll help you sleep better, in more ways than one.

Eco Bed Linen

It’s official! You can be eco-friendly and good in bed. Snuggle up with our range of eco-friendly bedlinen, and you’ll know what we mean. Soft, smooth, breathable and wondrously snuggly, you’ll sleep the sleep of the righteous, knowing you’re helping protect our planet’s precious resources with the products you’ve chosen.

100% Natural Hemp Bed Linen

Hemp's becoming a big deal nowadays and for good reason. One night under this bedlinen and you'll fall under it's spell too.

Soft and smooth with temperature regulating properties ensure it's a great year-round choice. We are proud to be the only UK retailer supplying bed linen in this eco-friendly super- fibre.

Hemp Eco-credentials

  1. Grows double the fibre yield of cotton, and turns nutrients back to the soil 
  2. Uses 30% less water than cotton during growth
  3. Up to 8 times stronger than Linen
  4. Long-lasting and temperature regulating 

Organic Cotton 200TC Bed Linen

Organic Cotton Bedding

Who said luxury had to cost the earth? Hunker down with divine organic cotton bedlinen and you can sleep in comfort safe in the knowledge that your purchase has contributed towards a healthier world. 

Unlike other UK retailers, we price organic cotton competitively against Egyptian cotton, making your choice down to preference not price.

Organic Cotton Eco-credentials

  1. GOTs certified (Global Recycling Standard)
  2. Uses 91% less water during production
  3. Produces 94% fewer greenhouse emissions 
  4. ​Strict control of the use of pesticides 

Eco-Friendly Pillows

Nestle down with a clear conscience when you rest your weary head on one of our eco pillows. You, your family and guests might be sceptical; “Are they really eco-friendly? They feel so good!” But look at the GRS Certification, and you’ll see they’re the real deal.

Recycled Feather and Down Pillows

If you’re a fan of feather fills, you’ll love our eco-friendly recycled feather and down pillows; they’re just as softly supportive as virgin-fill pillows, but more planet-friendly. We’ve picked, washed and dried pre-used feather and down so it’s revived and ready to help you drift off to dreamland.

Eco-Friendly Duvets

Sleep sound and sleep green with our range of eco duvets. In a range of togs and with a choice of fills, you’ll be hard-pressed to guess that these duvets are anything other than top-notch duvets you’d expect to find at Soak&Sleep. Frankly, we struggle to believe it ourselves at times, but the GRS certification is a handy reminder.

Recycled Feather and Down Duvets

Feather and down aficionados will love the snug yet breathable warmth of our eco-friendly recycled feather and down duvet. We’ve carefully picked, washed and dried pre-used feather and down so it’s revived and ready for you to snuggle up with on your way to the land of nod.

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