Duck Feather & Down Duvets

Duck down and feather duvets are really quite something. Although they're slightly less insulative than goose feather & down, they are generally thicker and heavier. Generally, this means that they cost less… which makes them all the more special! If you love duck feather and down as much as we do, be sure to look at our best-selling duck feather & down pillows.

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What is duck feather and down?

Duck feather and down is a blend of duck feathers and down, used in duvets, pillows and mattress toppers. The duck feathers we use in our duvets are small, and are taken from the chest, belly and flanks of ducks. Down is the very soft and fluffy feathers that lie beneath a duck’s outer layer of feathers. They keep the duck warm by trapping warm air to insulate the bird from cold temperatures. 

Can you wash a duck feather duvet?

Yes, you can wash a duck feather duvet, but it’s a job we’d recommend you leave to the professionals or do using a professional capacity washing machine. That’s because domestic washing machines don’t have enough room for the duvet to circulate and for optimum cleaning. The way you dry your duck feather duvet is also very important. It can take several hours of tumble drying to get a duck feather duvet completely dry – without this, the feather and down in the duvet will clump, damaging the duvet fill. Find out more about caring for a duck feather duvet in our duvet care guide.