Duck Down & Feather Duvets

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  1. Duck Feather & Down - All Season Duvets
    Great value natural insulation
    £55.00 - £166.00
  2. Duck Feather & Down Duvet
    Great value natural insulation
    £28.00 - £166.00
  3. Luxury 60% Duck Down Duvet
    Great value down-rich insulation
    £64.00 - £96.00
  4. Supreme 100% Eiderdown Duvet
    World's rarest, most insulative down
    £2,350.00 - £7,350.00

4 Items

Set Descending Direction

Duck feather & duck down are really special fillings. Though they're slightly less insulative than goose feather & down, they are generally thicker and heavier. Generally, this means that they cost less… and they're still rather fabulous.

In fact if you want a natural down duvet but don’t have masses of cash to splash, Duck down is perfect. Our Duck Down duvets are beautifully produced. The feather and down is sterilised through an intense cleaning process. It’s stuffed into cotton cases – the more the better – and finished with box construction.

Duck down is around 30% heavier than luxury goose down. That makes the duck down duvets heavier, snugglier, and cheaper – if you like a cosy duvet, it could be perfect.

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