What is a flat sheet vs fitted sheet? I Soak&Sleep

When browsing for the perfect bedding, there are many questions that will pop up. What size are you looking for? What’s the best fabric or colour? But some are more down to personal preference and lifestyle, like the age-old questions, do you use a flat or fitted sheet? Well, here we are to help.

What is a flat sheet vs fitted sheet?

It’s important to start at the beginning and understand what are these two variants, and what are their benefits?

What is a flat sheet?

A flat sheet is, as its name suggests, a flat piece of material that can be used to cover the mattress base or used in the summer and in hotels as a layer on top of your body that covers you whilst you sleep. It’s also sometimes referred to as a top sheet (to avoid any more confusion on your bedding journey).

What is a fitted sheet?

Fitted sheets, also known as bottom sheets, are designed to sit on top of the mattress to protect it, and also to feel soft for when you sleep on it. Some have elasticated corners which offer a secure fit.

How to decide between a flat sheet vs a fitted sheet.

3 reasons to choose a flat sheet?

The answer could be as simple as how easy or quickly you wish to make or change your bedding, here we’ve pulled together three reasons why people choose a flat sheet.

1. A hotel luxury look

When checking into a hotel, you’re looking to feel that quality, which is where a traditional white flat sheet is a staple. Normally, each sheet is folded neatly into ‘hospital corners’, tucking and styling the corners of the flat sheet into a folded neat look. These are also used in hotels in warmer climates as they can be used instead of a duvet for a lighter covering when the mercury rises. 


2.  A summer staple

The UK weather is always a bit hit and miss, but one thing for sure, there is a few weeks of the year where the weather heats up, and no one sleeps. It’s important to grab yourself a flat sheet for these occasions. A light natural fabric such as french linen, cotton or hemp is perfect.

3. Washing and care

In times where cleanliness is king, stripping and washing your bedding has become more of a weekly routine than ever before. But if you struggle to find the time, a flat sheet is a simple way to protect your duvet and blankets from getting dirty and is easily removed and washed.

3 Reasons why to choose a fitted sheet?

If your looking for a quick, simple and easy way to quickly make your beds - then a fitted sheet might be just what the doctor ordered. 

1. Comforting flat surface

When using a fitted sheet, the dimensions are sized to the measurements of your mattress, and with some retailers offering elasticated corners for a snug fit, this means that the sheet won’t ride up and wrinkle during the night. Using a flat sheet can sometimes result in the sheet moving when you move in your sleep, and you can get disturbed by being uncomfortable.


2. Ease of dressing

Fitted sheets are designed to snugly fit your mattress size, so are easy to hook onto each corner, meaning it’s important to choose the correct size. We offer elasticated sides so you can dress your bed quickly and jump straight in.

3. Available in depths and sizes

Fitted sheets not only come in a variety of sizes to suit your bed, including European and specialist sizes, but they also come in a selection of depths. If you use a topper on your bed, it’s always a good idea to see how deep the sleeping surface comes to without any weight on it. A 40cm deep fitted sheet is a good option for a thicker mattress or if you sleep with a topper.


Whichever route you choose to go down, you can trust Soak&Sleep with all your sheet needs. With a wide selection of colours, thread counts and sizes, you can create the perfect look and sleep soundly. Browse our bed linen

Need some further advice? Our five-step guide to choosing a bed sheet is designed to help your shopping experience be as smooth as our linen.