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  1. Classic 200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen...
    Cool, crisp Egyptian cotton
    £12.73 - £19.85
  2. 200TC Organic Cotton Bed Linen - Flat Sheets
    Enviromentally friendly cotton
    RRP £26.00 Save 38%
    £16.00 - £23.00
  3. Easycare 300 Thread Count Soft & Cool Bed Line...
    Smooth, lightweight easycare blend
    RRP £30.00 Save 20%
    £24.00 - £34.00
  4. Luxury 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen ...
    Smooth, lightweight Egyptian cotton
    RRP £55.00 Save 40%
    £33.00 - £44.00
  5. Luxury 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen ...
    Smooth, substantial Egyptian cotton
    RRP £55.00 Save 29%
    £39.00 - £73.00
  6. 100% Pure French Linen Bedding - Flat Sheets
    Relaxed & temperature regulating
    RRP £40.40 Save 3%
    £39.00 - £55.50
  7. 100% Natural Hemp Bed Linen - Flat Sheets
    The eco-friendly wonder fibre
    RRP £100.00 Save 48%
    £52.00 - £74.00
  8. 1000TC Supima Cotton Bed Linen - Flat Sheets
    Decadent? Well why not...
    £105.00 - £165.00

8 Items

Set Descending Direction

Ever wondered to fold flat sheets into perfect corners? Let’s go!
1: At the foot of the bed, tuck the straight edge neatly between the mattress and bed base.
2: Go to the bed corner, and lift the draping flat sheet to the side.
3: Tuck in the draping triangle between the mattress and the bed base.
4: Holding the corner in place, fold the part you were holding downwards at a 45 degree angle to the edge of the bed.
5: Repeat for all corners, and finally tuck the side in.
Flat sheets are ideal for forming über-neat beds, especially for guest rooms. Some of us love this kind of precision. But if you don’t like dressing a bed then try a fitted sheet – it has sewn-in corners!
Our expert says: “Of course, a flat sheet can also be used as top sheets. Layer up with blankets or quilted bedspreads, or just use alone in the height of summer. It’s easy to push layers off during the night when you get warm.”

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