How to change a duvet cover I Soak&Sleep

Changing a duvet cover should be a simple task, but it can be surprisingly tricky. Knowing which edge of the duvet should go into which end of the cover, getting the corners to match up, and not getting too hot and bothered in the process are all challenges we face each time we launder our bedding!

So, what is the best way to change your duvet cover?


These simple steps should make changing your duvet cover a far simpler process:

  1. Step one is to lay your duvet on your bed, with the long edges running lengthwise down your bed. If your duvet has a label on it from the manufacturer, make sure this is at the head of the bed (where your pillows go). This will mean once your duvet cover is on, the label will be away from your face.
  2. Now turn your duvet cover inside out and spread it over your duvet, with the open end at the foot of the bed. It doesn’t need to be perfectly flat, but you need to be able to see all of the corners.
  3. Next, put your hands inside the duvet cover and reach right to the far corners of the cover. Grab hold of the two corners - the right corner with the right hand and the left corner with the left hand.
  4. Now with your hands and arms covered by the duvet cover, grab hold of the corners of the duvet, which is in front of you (at the bottom of the bed), and lift the duvet off the bed.
  5. Shake the duvet cover over the duvet - the cover will turn the right way round on the duvet as you shake it. Be sure to hold onto the corners tightly, so they stay in the right place. You may need to shake the duvet strongly, and also stand on the edge of the bed to get the cover to fall all the way to the bottom of the duvet, particularly if you have a king-size bed.
  6. Once you have shaken most of the duvet into the cover, lay it flat again on your bed with the opening at the bottom of the bed. Now you can fasten the closures, poppers, or ties. You may need to shake your duvet a second time holding the end with the closures so that it is evenly spread over your bed.

This simple six-step process should make changing your bedding a much easier task. Duvet covers, pillowcases, and sheets should be washed weekly, and duvets themselves (and pillows) should be washed every few months or at least twice a year to avoid allergens like dust mites building up. Read the best ways to care for your duvet cover. 

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