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Transform your bedroom in one easy step with a new duvet set. A patterned duvet set will brighten up even the plainest bedroom, while a classic white bed linen set can act as a blank canvas, allowing you to express yourself with other bedroom accessories such as bedspreads and throws.

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Why use a duvet cover?

A duvet cover not only protects your duvet but allows you to customise your bedroom. Wash your duvet cover regularly – weekly is best, and air your duvet at the same time. This will help you keep your duvet at its best. Find out more about caring for your bedding in our care guides.  

How to put a bed sheet on a duvet?

We’d recommend you start by choosing a duvet cover that matches your duvet size. There are lots of ways to put your duvet cover on your duvet, but the easiest way is to turn your duvet cover inside out, and then with your hands in the top two corners, grasp the corresponding top two corners of the duvet. You can then gently shake or pull your duvet cover over the duvet, finally fastening it securely. Find the perfect duvet cover for your duvet by checking our bedlinen size guide.

(W x L)
Cot Bed 120cm x 150cm
47" x 59"
Single 135cm x 200cm
53" x 79"
Double 200cm x 200cm
79" x 79"
King Size 230cm x 220cm
91" x 87"
Superking 260cm x 220cm
102" x 87"
Emperor 290cm x 235cm
114" x 93"