5 benefits of choosing a Divan Bed I Soak&Sleep

Looking for a new bed? No need to panic, we’re here to help! With so many styles, sizes, colours and fabrics, when planning your bedroom re-design you want to be sure you’re happy with your decision. A divan base is a popular choice for many, but what are the benefits of going down this route?

Soak&Sleep divans-and-headboards in green
Soak&Sleep divans-and-headboards in charcoal grey

What is a divan bed?

Before we dive into detail, you may be asking yourself ‘but what is a divan bed?’ A divan is a sturdy base which your mattress sits on top of. There are options to have built-in storage, such as drawers, and also be upholstered and cushioned in fabric which can be designed to match a chosen headboard too.

Why are divan beds good?

1. Provides extra bedroom storage

Looking to keep your bedroom a relaxing haven? Then having additional storage to tidy away bits and bobs is a key reason as to why a divan is useful. They’re especially popular for smaller bedrooms! Browse for options that have one or two drawers and keep your belongings stored out of sight.


2. No assembly required

For those of you who aren’t in the mood for a bit of DIY, and building a bed from scratch is last on your list of things to do, a divan could be the one for you. The divan bed is delivered in parts, with minimal assembly, meaning you're left more with time to do the things you love. With our delivery company, you even get the option of which room you'd like it delivered too, so creating your perfect bedtime is even easier.

3. Flexible aesthetic style & customisation


Once you’ve chosen the style, size and fabric of your divan, it opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to finishing your bedroom look. Divans are a great starting point and then you can move on to adding a headboard that reflects your own personal style and decor. Browse our range of beautiful and stylish headboards and feel inspired.

4. Saves bedroom space

Although bed frames come in a wealth of shapes and designs, if your bedroom is on the smaller side, they can take up more space by being longer and wider than your mattress. Divans are compact, and measure the same as your mattress so it sits comfortably on-top. So if every centimetre counts, then consider this type of bed.

5. Keeps your space neat and tidy

Many of us are guilty of hiding things away, but sometimes this can result in a bedroom looking messy or cluttered. As divans offer storage options, your belongings can be out of sight, out of mind and your bedroom can be a clutter-free space for sleep and relaxation.


We hope that this advice helps your buying decision, and if you’re looking to create that hotel feel at home, head over to this blog for tips and advice.

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