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Short on space? Need extra storage in your bedroom? Then choosing a divan bed will make a world of difference. You’ll get to sleep like a dream, your bedroom will look beautifully tidy and your spare linen, summer holiday clothes (or whatever else needs a home) will be tucked away out of sight.

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  1. Wentworth Upholstered Headboard & Divan Base
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  2. Ockham Upholstered Headboard & Divan Base
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  3. Upholstered 4 Drawer Divan Base
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Buy a mattress and divan base and save

Ta-dah! Here’s some bedroom magic for you - the not-so-humble divan bed. Short on space? Need extra storage in your bedroom? Want to sleep like a dream? Want it to look good? You need a divan bed… read on to find out more.

What is a Divan Bed?

A divan bed is a combination of a divan base and a mattress. The divan base acts as a platform, supporting the mattress. Divan bases are made with a sturdy wooden frame and upholstered in a choice of fabric. Some divan bases have storage drawers, making them ideal for smaller homes by giving you storage without taking up extra space.

What are the benefits of a divan bed?

The biggest benefit of a divan bed is the way it saves you space. Unlike bedframes, divan beds take up only the space needed for the mattress. So a king size divan bed has the same dimensions as a king-size mattress. This can make a big difference if you have a smaller room or prefer a minimalist, clutter-free look.

Another benefit of a divan bed is the extra storage options you get. Choose a divan base with drawers and you’ve got extra storage built into your bed. Those drawers are ideal for bed linen or out-of-season duvets, but also perfect for clothes if your bedroom doesn’t have space for a chest of drawers.

Finally, many people consider the upholstery options to be a big benefit of divan beds. You can enhance and complement your decor by choosing a fabric that suits your bedroom’s colour palette.

What types of divan bed are available?

Buy your divan bed from Soak&Sleep and you’ll have a choice of a divan bed with or without storage. If you want storage, you can choose a divan bed with two drawers or four drawers. Our divan beds are available in a range of sizes - double, king size and super king size.

Which divan beds come with a headboard?

You can choose a headboard with any of our divan beds. Choose from three styles in a range of 8 upholstery options to suit your bedroom. Not interested in a new headboard? Not a problem - you can buy a divan bed without a headboard if you prefer.

What size divan beds do you sell?

Choose a Soak&Sleep divan bed and you have a choice of double divan beds, king size and super king size divan beds. And of course, with our range of supportive mattresses, snuggly duvets, plump pillows and top-quality bed linen, you can kit out your bedroom in just a few clicks.

Do divan beds come with storage?

That’s up to you! Our divan beds are available with or without storage. Tell us if you want to max-out your storage options with a four-drawer divan base, or if a two-drawer divan base suits your needs better. Not fussed about extra storage? No problem, our divan bases are also available without drawers.

Does a divan bed come with a mattress?

You can choose to buy a divan base without a mattress or take advantage of one of our bundle deals and buy a divan base and mattress together at a special rate. Need to kit your new divan bed out? Take a peek at our bedlinen bundles, protector bundles and pillow and duvet bundles.

Do divan beds take up lots of space?

No! Divan beds are one of the most space-efficient beds you can choose for your home. That’s because their dimensions match the dimensions of the mattress size. In contrast, a bed with a frame is more space-hungry thanks to the way the frame, headboard and footboard surround the bed.

What colour divan beds are available?

Our divan beds are available in a choice of eight colours. Choose from three tweed fabric options in a rich charcoal, classic oatmeal or neutral silver-grey. Or indulge yourself with our five plush velvet options. Choose between an inky teal, rich steel, glamorous blush pink, timeless stone or a vibrant sage green. Blissful!

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