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If luxurious bathtimes and showers are what you live for, then you need these towels. Browse through our extensive collection of styles and sizes.

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All our towels are exceptionally good quality and there's a size that fits everyone in the family.

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Soft, rich and weighty; all our towels are so good that you'll soon be indulging yourself after every bath, shower and handwash.

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Versatile and Luxurious. These towels are available in a variety of shades and stylish finished borders for added durability.

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  1. Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bath Mats
    Soft, strong & super absorbent luxury

    Starting at £9.50

  2. White Waffle Pure Cotton Bathrobe
    Spa-style luxury cotton comfort

    Starting at £38.00

  3. Quick-Dry Gym Towels
    Super soft & fast drying

    Starting at £3.60

    Out of stock
  4. Chambray Short Robe
    Charming cotton comfort

    Starting at £21.90

  5. Pure Cotton Bathrobes
    Luxurious & generously sized

    Starting at £19.50

  6. White Striped Bobble Cotton Medium Bath Mat
    Super soft & absorbent
    Was £10.00 Save 40%
    Out of stock
  7. Striped Cotton Pool Towels
    Light, quick drying & space saving

    Starting at £14.00

  8. White Organic Cotton Towels
    Certified organic cotton towels

    Starting at £6.50

  9. Deep Pile Cotton Bath Mats
    Soft, dense & absorbent

    Starting at £12.00

    Out of stock
  10. White Chunky Bobble Medium Bath Mat
    Quick drying & easy care
    RRP £14.00 Save 14%
    Out of stock

Items 1-12 of 13

Set Descending Direction

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Towel Size Guide

Towel Size Guide

Face Cloth 30cm x 30cm
12" x 12"
Hand Towel 50cm x 100cm
20" x 39"
Bath Towel 70cm x 140cm
28" x 56"
Bath Sheet 100cm x 160cm
39" x 63"
Pool Towel 100cm x 160cm
39" x 63"
Jumbo Bath Sheet 100cm x 200cm
39" x 79"

How often should I wash my towel?

Wash your towel when it's dirty. If it's a hand-towel in a busy bathroom, you'll probably want to change it every day or so.

Tumble Dry vs Line-Drying, will it make a difference?

Tumble drying will make your towel look and feel fluffier than drying your towel on the line. If you're line-drying your towels, give them a good shake out before folding.


So you want towels? You’re in the right place! With a choice of weights and styles we have towels that range from contemporary to timeless. There are big-enough-for-two-kids-at-once bath sheets, perfect-after-a-soak bathroom towels, super-stripy beach towels, good-enough-for-a-pharaoh Egyptian cotton towels, super-easy-to-buy bath towel sets, next-to-the-guest-sink hand towels, oodles-of-super-soft towel bales and even made-to-order personalised towels. Phew! We would go on, but we think you've got the picture.

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