Double Bed Mattresses

Treat your double bed to a new mattress and prepare to improve the quality of your sleep.  With pocket sprung and memory foam options and a choice of firmness options, we’ve also got double bed sized mattress protectors and double fitted sheets for your new double mattress.

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What size is a double mattress?

Our double bed mattresses measure 135 x 190cm (4ft 6" x 6ft 3"). Double mattresses are often referred to as 'full' instead of 'double' but are the same thing. When buying a new double mattress, it’s important to be sure to triple check the size of your double bed. That’s because not all double beds are the same size. Some double beds are smaller (the small double), and others are a little larger (the Euro double). You can find out more about the different bed sizes in our sizing guide.  

Pocket sprung or memory foam - which mattress is best?

Wondering what mattress is best? That’s a very subjective question because it all depends on what’s best for you. Pocket sprung mattresses are so-called because each spring is individually cased, creating a mattress that dips in exactly the right places and springs back into shape when you get up. This creates a supportive mattress with the ‘bounce’ you might expect from a traditional mattress. What’s more, because each spring is independent of the other springs, only the springs which are under pressure will move. This makes pocket sprung mattresses perfect for bed-sharers as you’re less likely to disturb your partner. The pocket springs are complemented by layers of filling – which vary from mattress to mattress. Some may include layers of foam, while others have layers made up of natural fibres such as silk, cotton or wool. Because of the way they are made, pocket-sprung mattresses have a good level of air flow which may help keep you cooler as you sleep.

Most memory foam mattresses don’t have springs and this gives them a very different feel to pocket-sprung mattresses. Instead of a bounce, you feel yourself gently sink into the memory foam. The memory foam softens in response to pressure and warmth, so when your warm body lies on a memory foam mattress it will respond to your exact body shape. This creates a supportive, cradling sensation which is said to be helpful for those suffering with joint pain. Because of the way the memory foam traps heat, some people find they get hot at night while sleeping on a memory foam mattresses. Using a cooling topper or mattress protector can help prevent overheating with memory foam mattresses.

Boing, boing, double mattresses! Jump all over our sensational range of double mattresses - they're gorgeous from end to end...

Heap 'em high! Our double mattresses are exceptional value for money. Whether you choose an incredible Hypnos mattress, wonderful Ultimate Orthopaedic, or supportive Classic Orthopaedic, you'll get a lot more bounce for your buck at Soak&Sleep.

First you'll have to make some choices: pocket sprung or open springs? Natural upholstery or memory foam? Think about your current mattress and what you want from a new one. To find out more about your options, take a look at our Mattress Buying Guide or contact our friendly Customer service team.

Our bedding expert says: "A double mattress in the UK measures 135 x 190cm (4ft 6" x 6ft 3"). It's often referred to as 'full' instead of 'double', but it means the same thing. Double mattresses were the best selling size until 2010, when sales were overtaken by the king size mattress."