Pillow Care Guide FAQs

Which pillow filling is the easiest to care for?

Synthetic fills made with polyester - microfibre and hollowfibre - are the easiest to care for as they're simple to wash and dry without special detergents or specific drying instructions. But it's good to know that all of our feather and down pillows and wool-fill pillows are washable. Our memory foam has washable cases to help you keep them in good condition. Regardless of the pillow you choose, you'll get the best results if you carefully follow the care instructions.

Investing in a pillow protector is the best thing you can do for your pillow. That's because they're much easier to wash and dry than the pillows they protect and will help keep your pillow in good condition for longer.

Which pillows can you wash in a washing machine?

Need to wash your pillow? Then check the care instructions carefully and make sure you use a large drum washing machine and tumble dryer. Professional capacity machines are the best choice as they spin and dry your pillows fully for best results, so consider taking them for a professional clean. All our pillows can be washed except the memory foam, latex and silk pillows.

Use a pillow protector to keep your pillow cleaner for longer.

Depending on the filling, after how long should you change your pillow?

It's tricky to tell when you're ready for a new pillow because you'll have become so used to the way it feels and will have forgotten how good it felt when new! Pillows are ready to be replaced any time from 6 months to 5 years after purchase.

As a general guide, synthetic pillows lose their support the fastest, whilst feather & down-filled pillows last much longer. If a pillow has gone through a lot - spilt drinks or a make-up and hair product overload for instance - then you'll need to replace it sooner.

Depending on the pillow, our guarantees range from 1 year for synthetic pillows to 5 years for natural-fill feather & down pillows.

You can help your pillow last for longer by using a regularly-washed pillow protector and plumping up your pillow every morning. This airs out the fill inside the pillow and helps it regain its original structure for longer life.

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