Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Our Egyptian Cotton bed linen is popular for a reason. It’s the extra-long fibres (known as staples in Egyptian Cotton) which make it smooth and durable. Our luxury Egyptian Cotton bedding comes in a range of thread counts and includes sheets, duvet sets and pillowcases, and is available in a choice of sizes, from single all the way to emperor.

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What is Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian Cotton bedding may be synonymous with luxury, but what’s so special about it? Egyptian Cotton bed linen is made with a special species of cotton that’s certified as having been grown in Egypt. It’s the ‘terroir’ of the region - the combination of warm climate, fertile soil and good irrigation – which means this cotton, grown on the banks of the Nile is smoother and stronger than many other types of cotton. It’s this strength and smoothness that makes Egyptian Cotton bed linen so luxurious.

Why is Egyptian cotton good for bedding?

Why exactly is Egyptian Cotton better than other types of cotton? The main reason for Egyptian cotton’s suitability for luxury bedding is its strong, long staple cotton fibres. When combed and spun, these create smoother, softer and more durable yarns which can be woven into high quality breathable bed linen that will last for many years.

What is the best thread count for Egyptian cotton?

The best Egyptian cotton thread count is the one that’s right for your needs. Higher thread count Egyptian cotton bed linen feels denser and silkier while our lower thread counts have a crisper feel and are easy to care for. Our luxury Egyptian Cotton bedding has a timeless design that’s easily adapted for all interior schemes and is available in 200, 400 or 600 thread counts. Find out more about thread counts.

200 Thread Count

Feel delightfully fresh and crisp when you sleep under this classic bed linen.

200 Thread Count

400 Thread Count

For boutique bedding quality, expect nothing less than this soft and smooth, classic bedding.

400 Thread Count

600 Thread Count

Drift off with the divine smoothness of these silky-smooth, luxurious, sateen weave sheets.

600 Thread Count

Our Egyptian cotton bedding sets

Egyptian Cotton bedding is enormously popular and with good reason. Our house style Egyptian Cotton bed linen is available in a range of thread count options. There’s fresh, cool 200 thread count, smooth and soft 400 thread count and the hotelier’s favourite, a rich, silky 600 thread count. As well as full bed sets, all of our Egyptian Cotton bedding ranges include pillowcases, fitted sheets, flat sheets and duvet covers.

Egyptian cotton bedding guides

Find out more about this very special fibre in our Egyptian Cotton bedding guides. Create a boutique-hotel inspired bedroom by learning how to perfectly iron your Egyptian Cotton bed linen and understand more about the difference between regular cotton and Egyptian Cotton.