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  1. Classic Memory Foam Mattress Topper
    Relieve pressure whilst you sleep
    £63.58 - £145.68
  2. Classic Memory Foam Topper with Coolmax Protector Bundles
    Relieve pressure whilst you sleep
    RRP £149.00 Save 44%
    £83.63 - £145.68

2 Items

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If you want to make your mattress more supportive, then take a look at a memory foam mattress topper. Used for specialist spine and neck relief, this high-tech material was originally designed for NASA.

The memory foam topper softens under your body to provide customised sleeping support, helping keep your spine straight for a better sleeping posture and fewer aches & pains. Normally a memory foam mattress topper will keep you warm due to the way it traps heat, but our memory foam topper casing is made with Cool Yarn. This is designed to help your sleeping body regulate its temperature, whilst providing the supportive benefits of a standard memory foam mattress topper, making it ideal for hot sleepers too!

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