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Sleep in luxury with our lofty and soft  feather and goose down pillows. Choose from soft, medium or firm down feather pillows in a range of sizes. Recharge and rejuvenate overnight with our luxurious Hungarian Goose Down pillows or indulge in pure comfort with our light and airy Canadian Goose Down pillows.

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What is the difference between a down and feather pillow?

A feather fill means a plump and supportive pillow because feathers are heavier and bulkier than down. A down fill is very light, insulative and soft. Down traps warm air because of the way the down clusters lock together – this means a down rich pillow is a good choice if you feel the cold easily. Feather and down are usually used together, creating a pillow that has a balance of softness and support. A firmer pillow will contain more feather, or a core of feather surrounded by down. A pillow with a higher ratio of down will be loftier and softer.

Which feather pillows are best?

There are two types of feather pillows - duck or goose feather pillows. Which is better? Goose down is generally better quality than duck down, however you should look for a down and feather pillow that suits your sleeping needs, instead of focusing only on the fill. 

Duck feather creates a pillow that is puffy and full. They can also be a little firmer than goose down pillows. Duck feather pillows are ideal for back and side sleepers as they provide a firmer sleeping surface. 

Goose down pillows are typically very soft and lofty. Some have an inner chamber of supportive feathers to provide additional support for your head and neck. Goose down pillows without an inner chamber are perfect if you sleep on your front, whereas a goose down pillow with a central chamber is better for side sleepers and people who sleep on their backs.

Goose Feather and Down Pillows

Goose feather and down pillows are amongst some of our most luxurious pillows. Blissfully soft, light and airy, sleeping on a goose down pillow is the closest thing you’ll come to sleeping on a cloud! Our Hungarian Goose Down pillow is deservedly popular. It’s full of large, lofty clusters of Goose Down, that have been gently washed in naturally warm water from thermal springs. This opens up the clusters more than if cool water were used, creating an extra fluffy pillow. If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, then our Canadian Goose Down pillows are for you. We used Canadian Goose Down reared by the Hutterites in Alberta, Canada. It’s famed for its quality and incredibly large clusters of down which in turn creates pillows that are gloriously lofty, soft and durable. If you want luxury but prefer a firmer pillow, our Canadian Goose down pillow is available with an inner chamber of firmer feathers to provide extra support.

Duck Feather and Down Pillows

Duck feather and down pillows are soft, puffy and full – perfect for nestling into at the end of a long day. Their fullness makes them look as inviting as they feel, and they’re just the thing for adding an extra touch of indulgence to a bedroom. We use a combination of extra small duck feathers and duck down in our duck feather and down pillows. This creates a duck feather pillow that has enough resistance to provide support with the softness you need to feel comfortable as you nod off to sleep. Our blend of duck feather and down is available in a range of pillow sizes. As well as our regular and super king size pillows, you can also find a compact travel-size duck feather pillow, perfect for taking on holiday and square duck feather and down pillows, ideal for adding extra style to your bedroom.

Are feather pillows bad for allergies?

We’re often asked if can duck feather pillows cause allergies. And yes, some people are sensitive to down and feather fillings. However, high quality down that’s been thoroughly cleaned is hypoallergenic. This means most sleepers will be able to sleep on a down and feather pillow without triggering any allergies.

Some people are not allergic to the down and feather fill in pillows, but instead to the allergens that build up inside the pillow. Using a regularly laundered pillow protector and pillowcase will help limit the build-up of allergens in your pillow and also extend your pillow’s life. 

Can you wash and tumble dry feather pillows?

It’s a good idea spend time washing goose down pillows, because this can help your luxurious pillow last for longer. Because washing duck feather pillows and goose down pillows isn’t as straightforward as it might seem, we’d always recommend getting them professionally cleaned. Find out more by reading our guide, 'How to Wash Feathered Pillows'.

How long do feather pillows last?

Soak&Sleep feather and down pillows are guaranteed to last between two and five years, and may last longer if cared for well. You can make your feather pillow last for longer by using a pillow protector, plumping it up every morning, airing it regularly and getting it professionally washed and dried every so often.  

Once your pillow has past its best, it’s time to find it a new life. Old feather and down pillows make fantastic pet beds and can also be successfully composted in a home compost heap. Feather and down pillows can be recycled – find out more in our guide, 'How to Recycle Duvets, Mattresses and Bedding' guide.

Are duck feather pillows ethical?

All of our down and feather fillings are ethically sourced. We only buy feather and down from suppliers that are accredited to the Responsible Down Standard, Downpass or Downmark. Find out more about the way we source our down and feather fills.