Down & Feather Pillows

Squashy and soft, supportive and durable, feather & down pillows are synonymous with luxury. But how should you choose one?

Feather and down are usually used in combination - feathers are heavier and bulkier; down is soft, light and (importantly) lofty. A firmer pillow will contain more feather, or a core of feather surrounded by down. Generally duck feather is softer than goose feather. We always specify small feather lengths to maintain a high quality standard. The higher the ratio of down in your pillow will result in loft and softness. The quality of the down, and the region it comes from will dictate the size of the down clusters. The larger the down clusters the better the quality of the down, its loft and its ability to recover.

Goose down is generally better quality than duck down. Back sleepers need a flatter, firmer pillow; look for one that's mainly feather. Front sleepers need a flatter, softer pillow; so look for a high ratio of down. Side sleepers need height; a pillow with an inner chamber of supportive feathers and outer chambers of fluffy down is ideal.