Animal Welfare Policy

A good night’s sleep shouldn’t be at the expense of animal cruelty.

Feather & Down

We will only buy feather and down from suppliers who participate in industry recognised traceability standards.  Our suppliers are accredited to the Responsible Down Standard, Downpass or Downmark.  You can read more about these standards below.

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  • Responsible Down Standard (RDS)
  • DownPass
  • Downmark

These traceability standards give you the assurance that the suppliers can trace all feather and down they use back to the source, that specific farming conditions have been met and that the birds have not been live-plucked nor force-fed.

It is important to note that first and foremost feather and down is a by-product of the farming industry.  Live plucking is often a concern for customers but in reality, it is an old small-holding farming practice that makes little to no economic sense and is prohibited by EU law.

New Zealand Mitchell Wool

Our source of New Zealand Mitchell Wool is certified to guarantee that the practice of mulesing has not been using during the farming process.

If you would like to know more or have any questions do not hesitate to get in contact with our Customer Services team.

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