Natural Duvets

What is a natural duvet?

A natural fill duvet is a super solution for anyone who struggles to stay at a comfortable temperature at night. Treat yourself to one of our terrific temperature-regulating natural fill duvets. They're also an excellent answer if you suffer from minor allergies thanks to their naturally hypoallergenic properties.

What is the best natural filling for duvets?

Wool is perfectly suited to duvet fillings. Proven to help you sleep longer and deeper, wool controls local humidity by absorbing and releasing moisture in the atmosphere so you'll always feel just right. Amazingly, wool can even keep two people sharing a bed happy; adapting to the two different body temperatures in the same bed.

Silk is a wonderfully cool duvet filling. It wicks moisture away from your body so you stay cool and fresh all night. It's perfect if you tend to get a bit hot and bothered at night, or for balmy summer evenings. With a heavier, more fluid drape than our other duvets, silk bedding is incredibly durable; so is a real bedtime investment.

Cotton is renowned for its fresh, soft and cooling properties, so it's no surprise to hear it's a top-notch filling to help you keep your cool. Available in only a 2.5 tog, our cotton-filled duvet will wick away excess moisture and help you stay at the perfect temperature all night long.