Synthetic Duvets

Synthetic fill duvets have come on a long way in recent years and we’re very proud of our range of man-made fillings. Not only is a polyester duvet more affordable than other duvet fills, it is also free from animal products, making microfibre the perfect fill for a vegan duvet. Our synthetic fill pillows are a great complement to our synthetic fill duvets.

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What is a hollowfibre duvet?

Hollowfibre is a type of polyester that’s been spun to create a springy fill that’s lovely and lofty when used inside a duvet. This springiness means you get a bouncy, thick duvet that’s not too heavy. Hollowfibre is very easy to wash and dry, making it perfect for children and allergy sufferers. 

What is a microfibre duvet?

Microfibre is polyester that’s been treated to make it fluffy and soft. When used inside a duvet it feels very much like down. Similar to hollowfibre, microfibre duvets are very easy to wash and dry which means they’re ideal for children or allergy sufferers

How to fluff up a duvet

Most duvets lose their ‘volume’ if not well-maintained, so it’s important to regularly fluff up your duvet. The best way to do this is to shake out your duvet before you make your bed each day. This moves the fill about to redistribute it and stops it from clumping. Then, when you change your bedsheets, give your duvet an extra good shaking. Putting a new duvet cover onto your duvet is normally the best way to do this! Find out more about caring for your duvet in our duvet care guide.