Pillow Size Guide

Pillow Size Guide

Junior 40cm x 60cm
16" x 24"
Standard 50cm x 75cm
20" x 30"
Superking 50cm x 90cm
20" x 36"
Square 65cm x 65cm
26" x 26"
Euro Small 50cm x 60cm
20" x 24"

What size pillow should I get?

We’ve kept things simple with our pillow sizes. You can choose between a junior pillow, standard pillow and a super king pillow. Junior pillows measure 40cm x 60cm and are the perfect size for small children. They are flatter which makes them better for a child’s smaller body. Their smaller size means they fit more neatly on a cot bed. Remember that you must never give a pillow to a baby!

Standard pillows come in at 50cm x 75cm and are our most popular size. They’re available in a range of depths, softnesses and fills. They’re ideal for single, double and king-size beds.

A superking size pillow is a generous 50cm x 90cm that suits the larger dimensions of a superking size or emperor bed.

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