Emperor Bedding

Been struggling to find high quality emperor size bedding? Search no more. It’s time to indulge your bedtimes with emperor bed linen in indulgent 600 thread count Egyptian Cotton or lavish 1000 thread count Supima bed linen.

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What is the biggest bed sheet size?

The biggest bed sheet size that we sell is the emperor size bed sheet. It measures 320cm x 290cm (or 126” x 114”). It’s big enough to cover an emperor size bed with ease. Learn more about bed linen sizes in our bed linen care guide

How to keep sheets smelling fresh on bed

There’s nothing nicer than fresh-smelling sheets on your bed. Here’s what you need to do to keep your sheets smelling fresh for longer.

  1. Change your sheets regularly – weekly is best. 
  2. Remove your bed linen from the washing machine as soon as the cycle finishes.
  3. Hang your bed linen to dry straight away, preferably outside or near a gentle heat source such as a radiator, dehumidifier or on a heated airer.
  4. Iron your sheets to remove all traces of moisture.
  5. Store your bed linen in a well-ventilated cupboard.
  6. Spritz a scented spray on your bedding when you make up the bed. Either use a specialist bedtime pillow spray or make your own by mixing a little fabric conditioner with some water and lightly spritzing that on the bed.
  7. Pull back the covers every morning to let the bed air and help any moisture to escape. If you can open the windows while you do so, all the better.

Find out more about caring for your bed linen in our bed linen care guide