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Feel like you’ve been googling ‘Emperor bed linen’ for hours? It can be hard to come by. But we’ve read your feedback and… guess what?

You can now buy Emperor bed linen in two of our most fabulous ranges. Choose between Luxury 600 thread count (white and cream) and our famous Supima range (white).

The Luxury 600 is a house favourite, in a midweight cotton that’s got gorgeous silky drape. And Supima’s reputation precedes us… thick, lavish, and longlasting, it’s made from innovative new forms of cotton that make it sustainable as well as supremely luxurious. Our emperor bed linen is for serious bed-lovers. You wouldn’t want anything less for your fabulously royal-sized emperor bed!

Our expert says: “Our Emperor duvet covers measure a whopping 290cm x 235cm (9ft 6” x 7ft 8”) to fit a decadent mattress sized 200cm x 200cm.

Handy tip: Superking size bed? Use an Emperor duvet and duvet cover to combat duvet hogging!

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