Soft Mattress Toppers

Make your bed more luxurious by adding an extra soft mattress topper to your mattress. A soft mattress topper is ideal if your mattress is in good condition and you want to add an extra layer of softness and warmth to your bed.

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  1. Soft As Down Mattress Topper

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Customer Reviews

What is the softest mattress topper?

If you’re looking for a mattress topper to make a bed softer, you’ll love our synthetic "Soft as Down" topper – it’s the softest we sell. It feels gloriously soft and is designed to mimic the feel and loft of goose down. But of course, with no feathers or down, it's perfect for anyone with a feather allergy and is washable as well. It's also a lot more affordable.

Can you use an electric blanket with a mattress topper?

Feeling the cold? Then using an electric blanket with a mattress topper might be exactly what you need. Here’s a few tips to make sure your electric blanket and mattress topper work together well.

  • Place your electric blanket on top of your topper. This means you need less electricity as the extra warmth is closer to your body.
  • Only use an electric blanket from a reputable manufacturer. Don’t use a secondhand electric blanket or one which has loose or fraying wires.
  • Don’t sleep with your electric blanket switched on. Use it to warm your bed up before you get in. Your mattress topper will do an excellent job of holding onto that heat and keeping you cosy as you sleep.

We wouldn’t recommend that you use an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress topper. The heat will soften the memory foam and this may stop your mattress from responding to your body position in the way that it should.