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  1. Pure Silk PJ Set
    Starting at £112.50 £112.50 - £155.00
  2. Pure Silk Robe
    Starting at £112.50 £112.50 - £150.00
  3. Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Masks
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  4. Pure Silk Shorts & Cami Set
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  5. Champagne Pure Silk Night Dress
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5 Items

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Silk nightwear is the most luxurious way to dress for bed. Whether you choose a silky nightdress or silk pyjamas, the sensuously smooth and seductively appealing nature of silk is well-known. But silk nightwear is about more than seduction and luxury. The smooth, cooling touch of silk makes this luxurious fibre an excellent choice for helping you keep your cool as you sleep.

Our silk nightwear is made with pure Mulberry silk and beautifully complements our silk bedding range. Looking for a touch of luxury but can’t stretch to silk nightwear? Then take a look at our silk eye masks and bedtime hair accessories.