King Size Mattress Toppers

Crown your king size bed with a king size mattress topper and prepare to wake up feeling wonderful. With a range of fills, you’ll quickly find the right king size bed topper for you and your bed.

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Which mattress topper should I choose?

So you know you need a new topper for your luxurious king size bed, but what type of topper should you opt for? That really depends on what you’re looking for. Here are a few pointers. Do you want…

Extra support? Then opt for a king size memory foam topper or king size duck feather mattress topper. Both provide extra support for more comfort in bed.

Extra warmth? Then how about a wonderfully warm king size goose down mattress topper. Made with pure goose down and feather, it’s perfect for folks who really feel the cold.

Temperature regulation? A king size wool mattress topper is perfect for you. Although it’s thinner than our other king size bed toppers, it packs a punch in helping restless sleepers sleep more comfortably. That’s because of the way the wool fill helps keep you at the ideal temperature all night long.

Extra comfort? All our king size mattress toppers will make your bed more comfortable, but our Soft as Down microfibre king size topper is a popular choice for anyone who wants to add extra softness to an otherwise hard bed. 

What size is a king size mattress topper?

Our king size mattress toppers are made to fit a mattress that measures 150cm x 200cm (5ft 0" x 6ft 6"). We think it's the perfect size - a generous sleeping space that isn't too difficult to make up in the morning. Find out more in our topper sizing guide.

Can I wash a king size mattress topper?

A king size mattress topper can be difficult to clean because they're so big. To keep them fresher for longer, air your bed topper on a washing line (sunlight is really good for natural fibres) or stair bannister every time you change the sheets.