Supportive pillows are nothing without the right pillow cases. Explore our vast selection of luxury pillowcases to fit your perfect pillow and make your bedroom look beautiful.

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What size pillowcase should I buy?

Our pillow cases are available in three sizes to match our pillow ranges. The most common size in the UK is standard. This measures 50cm x 75cm (20” x 29.5”). Superking pillowcases (sometimes referred to as King size) measure 50cm x 90m (20” x 35”). The extra 15cm of width means they meet in the middle to make the perfectly made bed. Lastly, square pillows measure 65cm x 65cm (26” x 26”) – these are typically more decorative but also work wonderfully as a support for reading in bed with. Not sure what pillow case size you need? Our pillow size guide has all the details you need.

What is an Oxford pillowcase?

An Oxford pillowcase has a fabric border (known in the trade as a ‘flange’ around the edges. They’re typically used to add an extra sense of impact and fullness to the appearance of a pillow.

What is a Housewife pillowcase?

A Housewife pillowcase has no border and a neat, unfussy appearance. 

Which way should the pillow opening face?

Most of our pillowcases close with a flap on one side, apart from our Mulberry Silk range which closes with a zip fastening.  Place the opening on the underneath of your pillow. If you share a bed, place pillows with a zip fastening on the side away from your partner.

Junior 40cm x 60cm
16" x 24"
Standard 50cm x 75cm
20" x 30"
Superking 50cm x 90cm
20" x 36"
Square 65cm x 65cm
26" x 26"
Euro Small 50cm x 60cm
20" x 24"

*Oxford edge pillowcases have an additional 5cm on each side.