Towel Care Guide

Once you have received your towels and are happy with your choice, we recommend washing before use to improve absorbency. 
Before you start, always check the care label on the product for clarity on washing and ironing temperatures and the suitability of use of bleach, tumble drying and dry cleaning.

Always use the best detergent for the product you are washing: for all colours, including light colours, it is best to use washing gels or detergents formulated for colours and for pure whites, stick to powders. Avoid using optical brighteners to prevent colours becoming washed out and to avoid any staining patches from the bleach within them. Be aware that some bathroom cleaners and beauty products can also contain bleaching agents that may stain this type of product. Use of fabric conditioner will help to keep towels soft but does affect absorbency. If you do want to use fabric softener use it infrequently to maintain the absorbency of the towels.

Tumble drying will add extra bounce to the pile of towels, but we always recommend line drying to help protect the environment.

If you need any further help or guidance please contact our Customer Services team who will be delighted to help you with your query.

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