Towel Size Guide

Face Cloth 30cm x 30cm
12" x 12"
Hand Towel 50cm x 100cm
20" x 39"
Bath Towel 70cm x 140cm
28" x 55"
Bath Sheet 100cm x 160cm
39" x 63"
Pool Towel 100cm x 160cm
39" x 63"
Jumbo Bath Sheet 100cm x 200cm
39" x 79"

What size towel should I buy?

There are few things better than wrapping up in a snuggly, soft towel after a relaxing bath or invigorating shower. Choosing the right towel size can feel confusing at times. What’s the difference between a hand towel and a face cloth? Is a jumbo towel the same as a bath sheet?

Here’s a whistle-stop guide. Ready? Steady? Go!

What size is a face cloth?

Face cloths are our smallest towels, you might also know them as flannels. You can use them as little towels or to wash with. They measure 30cm x 30cm.

What size is a hand towel?

Hand towels are the towels you typically use to dry your hands on after using the bathroom or washing your hands. Their compact size makes them perfect to have in the kitchen or cloakroom. Our hand towels measure 50cm x 100cm.

What size is a bath towel?

A bath towel measures 70cm x 140cm. It’s what you might like to dry off in after your morning shower.

What size is a bath sheet?

If you prefer something larger you might like using a bath sheet which measures in at a more generous 100cm x 160cm. Still not big enough? 

What size is a jumbo bath sheet?

A jumbo bath sheet is the towel for you. It’s a lavish 100cm x 200cm and is just the thing for cocooning yourself with when you emerge from your bath or shower.

What size is a pool towel? 

And of course, you won’t want to take your luxurious bathroom towels to the beach or swimming pool, which is why we also sell specialist pool towels. These lighter, brighter towels are a generous 100cm x 160cm – perfect for sun loungers and locker-rooms alike.

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