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How to sleep with a body pillow while pregnant

Thousands of pregnant women swear by pregnancy pillows. After years of sleeping in whatever position you want, pregnancy means avoiding sleeping on your back (which causes shortness of breath as the uterus presses on the vena cava) or stomach (which will make baby uncomfortable). Instead, try sleeping on your left side which allows maximum blood flow around the body. To make this more comfortable and to help align the spine, squeeze the pillow between your knees to raise your hip and prevent morning aches and pains.

Are pregnancy pillows good for back pain?

Using a pregnancy pillow can help ease some types of back pain, even if you’re not pregnant. They’re most useful for helping you align your hips and lower back as you sleep. Either rest the backs of your knees on the pillow to reduce the pressure on your lower back, or squeeze the pillow between your knees while sleeping on your side. This will help align your hips and may help reduce back pain in the morning.

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