Mattress Size Guide

(W x L)
Cot Bed 70cm x 140cm
2ft 3" x 4ft 6"
Single 90cm x 190cm
3ft 0" x 6ft 3"
Double 135cm x 190cm
4ft 6" x 6ft 3"
King Size 150cm x 200cm
5ft 0" x 6ft 6"
Superking 180cm x 200cm
6ft 0" x 6ft 6"
Emperor 200cm x 200cm
6ft 6" x 6ft 6"
Small Single 75cm x 190cm
2ft 6" x 6ft 3"
Small Double 120cm x 190cm
4ft 0" x 6ft 3"
Euro Single 90cm x 200cm
3ft 0" x 6ft 6"
Euro Double 140cm x 200cm
4ft 7" x 6ft 6"
Euro King 160cm x 200cm
5ft 3" x 6ft 6"

What size mattress do I need?

You’d think that finding the right mattress size would be a walk in the park. But because of the large variety in bedstead and divan sizes, this isn’t always the case. So what should you do if you want a new mattress and you’re not sure what size your bed base is? Simple - grab a tape measure and get measuring! 

Our cotbed mattress measures in at 70cm and 140cm. It’s especially important to make sure this is a good fit for your cot or cotbed as large gaps between the mattress and sides of the cot can be dangerous to babies and small children.

Looking for a single mattress? We sell a standard single at 90cm x 190cm, a small single at 75cm x 190cm and a Euro single at 90cm x 200cm.

Our double mattresses include a standard double size at 135cm x 190cm, small double at 120cm x 190cm and Euro double size at 140cm x 200cm.

Our king size mattresses include a standard king size at 150cm x 200cm and a Euro king size at 160cm x 200cm.

We also sell superking mattresses which measure in at 180cm x 200cm and emperor mattresses which measure in at 200cm x 200cm.

Always buy the best fit for your mattress. Buying a mattress that’s too large for your bed base will damage your mattress. Buying a mattress that’s too small for your bed base will give you an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

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