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Welcome to the Better Sleep Hub, designed to improve your understanding of sleep, from how to deal with problems getting off to sleep, or simply how to get more of it.

Full of useful guides, interesting facts and real case studies, helping you to make the right bedding decisions for your family, guests, and of course, yourself.

Expert advice

Our sleep experts have lots of knowledge but we’re not shy on seeking advice and tips from better experts than us.  Covering a wide range of subjects our experts know their stuff.

Caroline Gaskin: Homeopath CoachCaroline Gaskin: Homeopath Coach

Caroline Gaskin: Homeopath Coach

Caroline Gaskin is a homoeopath & holistic health coach. Based in London, she works online with all her clients. If there’s one thing she can guarantee to talk about, then it’s sleep.

Lisa Artis: Resident Sleep BloggerLisa Artis: Resident Sleep Blogger

Lisa Artis: Resident Sleep Blogger

Lisa Artis is a chief adviser at The Sleep Council and she is commonly known as the ‘Sleep Guru’. Discover her best tips and advice to get a better nights sleep.

Victoria Health: Beauty Sleep ExpertVictoria Health: Beauty Sleep Expert

Victoria Health: Beauty Sleep Expert

Good sleep is essential for your beauty regime.   Look and feel beautiful with Victoria Health’s beauty sleep  advice.

Peta Bee: Health & Fitness JournalistPeta Bee: Health & Fitness Journalist

Peta Bee: Health & Fitness Journalist

We once thought there were two main factors for staying healthy: diet and exercise. But an additional factor is now firmly established as a third pillar of good health: SLEEP.

Latest videos

Watch our latest videos for hints and tips on how to manage your bedding.

How to care for your mattress

Seven rules for a happy duvet

Pillow management

How to fold a fitted sheet

Case studies

Browse our case studies to see how Soak&Sleep customers have bettered their sleep using our sleep solutions.

Lindsay Blair: KBB Editor

Lindsay Blair is Editor of Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine and she has a wealth of knowledge in her industry. Although she rarely struggles getting to sleep, each day, she has to be up bright and early at 6am. Read on to find out more about Lindsay’s story.

Nikki Marotta: Customer Sleep ‘Alumni’

Our Soak&Sleep Alumni has had insomnia for about 6 years and with no obvious reason why.  Discover how she overcame her insomnia with specific tricks and sleep solutions. 

Sleep guides

Our Sleep guides are the place to go for all those burning questions related to sleep.  We’ve even teamed up with experts to answer questions, all to help you get a better night’s sleep. VIEW OUR SLEEP GUIDES

Do lights affect sleep?

Simple answer yes.  Minimise any excess light in your room as light inhibits the release of melatonin. Cover electrical equipment lights or switch off electrical appliances. Excess EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from phone charging, laptops etc affects our sleep.

What is a good sleep pattern?

A good sleep pattern varies from person to person but ideally one should have 7-9 hours daily.

Why do my allergies get worse at night?

Pollen counts can be higher at night and for those with allergies to house dust mites these are present in and around our beds, as is pet hair if dogs and cats are allowed to sleep on our beds.

Nasal congestion and rhinitis (running nose) are worse lying down compared to standing up, and we have less to distract us at night.

Does cat napping during the day count towards beauty sleep?

There are differing viewpoints on napping amongst experts and you can find studies that are pro and some that warn against them. While cat naps might help those who battle with fatigue or low energy throughout the day, it is unlikely that your skin will reap any benefits.

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Buying guides

To make choosing your perfect products easier, our very helpful sleep experts have gathered the most common questions related to our products and answered them for you.  Still not sure, give one of our experts a ring on 01483 437 762.

Care guides

Take care of your bed linen and bedding and it will take care of you.  Filled with expert tips to keep your pillows puffy, duvet clean, towels soft and toppers protected.  Your bedroom will be so clean even Mrs Hinch will be singing your praises.

Size guides

We love a guide, anything and everything to help our customers get better sleep.  To help ensure you get the right size sleep solution our size guides point you in the right direction.

Single Duvet Dimensions
Double Duvet Dimensions
King Duvet Dimensions
Superking Duvet Dimensions
Emperor Duvet Dimensions
Cot Duvet Dimensions
Standard Pillow Dimensions
Superking Pillow Dimensions
Square Pillow Dimensions
Junior Pillow Dimensions
Euro Small Pillow Dimensions
Single Mattress Dimensions
Double Mattress Dimensions
King Mattress Dimensions
Superking Mattress Dimensions
Emperor Mattress Dimensions
Cot Mattress Dimensions
Euro Single Mattress Dimensions
Euro Double Mattress Dimensions
Euro King Mattress Dimensions
Small Single Mattress Dimensions
Small Double Mattress Dimensions


Perplexed by percale? Baffled by baffles? Hands up, we use some unusual words and phrases when talking about our products.  View our terminology section for a full explanation of our fancy industry terms. VIEW OUR TERMINOLOGY SECTION


The attraction and retention of gases or liquids within the pores of a fibre.

Baffle wall

A thin gauze-like fabric 'wall' sewn between the top and bottom layers of a duvet shell.

Combed cotton

Cotton that has had the short fibres and breakable fibres removed, which makes it stronger.


A cotton or spun-yard fabric characterised by floats running in the filling direction.

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