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Protect your investment. All of our protectors are made to last. They’re carefully woven or generously filled (depending on the style) for comfort as well as protection.

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What kind of mattress protector is best?

Talking dirty is one thing. Sleeping dirty is quite another. So keep your bedding spick & span with a bed protector from our range. There's everything you need here for every member of the family with pillow protectors, zipped mattress covers and cooling, breathable mattress protectors, as well as waterproof mattress protectors. You'll find all sizes catered for - with sizeable super king and king size mattress protectors, double mattress protectors and single mattress protectors. And because we only sell fitted mattress protectors, your mattresses will stay protected no matter what. Sleep clean!

Why do you need a mattress protector?

We’d always recommend using a pillow and mattress protector. Not only will it keep your bedding fresh and clean, but, once you’ve found your perfect products, it’ll also help you have a good night’s sleep and make your bedding last longer. It's also a cheaper and more eco-friendly option as it means less time washing larger pieces of bedding. Discover everything you need to know about waterproof bedding & pillows & how they work.