Firm Mattress Toppers

A firm mattress topper adds extra support to your mattress. Perfect for back and spine support, our memory foam mattress topper and duck feather toppers add firm support to your mattress. Make sure to use a deep fitted sheet if you add a topper to your bed.

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  1. Memory Foam Mattress Topper
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  2. New Zealand Wool Mattress Topper
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What does a firm mattress topper do?

A firm mattress topper sits on top of your mattress and underneath your mattress protector and sheets. It provides an extra layer of cushioning in addition to your mattress to provide extra support and comfort. Adding a firm mattress topper to your bed is a good way of providing extra support to your mattress without too much softness.

What type of firm mattress toppers are available?

For adding perfect bedtime support to your mattress, look no further than our firm mattress topper. Perfect for back and spine support, memory foam responds to the warmth of your skin to mould around your body's shape. This helps you sleep with a better-aligned spine and neck, which can in turn help reduce aches and pains. 

For an alternative firm mattress topper, our duck feather mattress topper complements your existing mattress by adding an extra layer of firmness. This firm topper is packed with lots of small, springy duck feathers for a plush layer of support and comfort. The feathers ‘give’ a little in response to your body weight and will gently support your sleeping position. Find out more about our range of toppers by visiting our topper buyer guide