Natural Mattress Toppers

If you’re looking for a natural mattress topper, then our wool mattress topper fits the bill. Filled with pure New Zealand wool and encased in breathable, soft cotton, it’s a delightful way to improve your mattress.  Because our natural topper is thinner than our other toppers, you can use a regular depth fitted sheet with it.

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  1. New Zealand Wool Mattress Topper
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What is the best mattress topper to keep you cool?

Our New Zealand wool mattress topper is a temperature regulating superstar. Wool naturally helps you stay cooler in warm weather and warmer when the temperature drops. This makes it an especially good choice for menopausal women, sweaty sleepers and couples who can’t agree on the perfect temperature in bed.

How deep is a wool mattress topper?

Our natural mattress topper is thinner than our feather & down or synthetic options and comes in at about 3cm deep. It’s not a squidgy or supportive bed topper, but is instead more of a functional layer on top of your mattress to help improve temperature regulation and add extra comfort. 

How to care for a wool bed topper

The best way to care for your wool mattress topper is to air it regularly which will help keep it fresh. So, pull back the covers in the morning to let any moisture that’s built up overnight to escape. Leaving your mattress topper uncovered for an hour or so when you change bedding will also help keep it at its best. You can use this as an opportunity to redistribute the filling by shaking out your mattress topper in the same way as you’d shake out a duvet. Find out more by reading our topper care guide.