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  1. 100% Canadian Goose Down Standard Pillows

    100% Canadian Goose Down Standard Pillows

    Our pure Canadian goose down fill promises the ultimate in luxurious sleep night after night.

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Are firm pillows better?

Whether or not a firm pillow is better for you depends on your sleeping position. If you sleep on your side, a firm, deep pillow will support your head and neck, helping your spine rest in a neutral position. Back and stomach sleepers who like a firm pillow will sleep better with a flatter pillow, or a softer pillow which aligns their neck and head with their spine while sleeping. Find out more about choosing the perfect pillow in our pillow buying guide

Are hard pillows good for you?

Firm pillows can be good for you if that’s what you prefer, after all there’s no benefit in feeling uncomfortable when you’re trying to fall asleep. If you like the support that comes with a firmer pillow, you may like our silk pillow. Because it is flatter than many of our other pillows, it is a good choice for anyone who likes sleeping on their back. Side sleepers may find they need two of these pillows to get the ideal height for correct spinal alignment.

What kind of pillows are firm?

Our range of firm pillows include memory foam pillows, which provide lots of support to cradle your head and take the pressure off your neck, and our robust but squidgy duck feather & down pillows.

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