Duvet Size Guide

(W x L)
Cot Bed 120cm x 150cm
47" x 59"
Single 135cm x 200cm
53" x 79"
Double 200cm x 200cm
79" x 79"
King Size 230cm x 220cm
91" x 87"
Superking 260cm x 220cm
102" x 87"
Emperor 290cm x 235cm
114" x 93"

Which duvet size should you choose?

We have six different duvet sizes available in our range. 

What size is a cot bed duvet?

Starting with the smallest, we have cot-bed size duvets which are 120cm x 150cm. Remember, these are for young children sleeping in a cot bed and must NEVER be used on a baby under one year old.

What size is a single size duvet?

Our single duvets measure 135cm x 200cm. Think they’re limited to single beds? Think again. If you and your partner fight over the duvet at night, invest in a single duvet each just like they do in Scandinavia – genius!

What size is a double duvet?

Our double duvets are a snuggly 200cm x 200cm, while our king size duvets have a little extra width and length at 230cm x 220cm.

What size is a king size duvet?

Our king size duvets are the standard UK sizes of 230 x 220cm. They're designed to fit a king size mattress, but also can be used for couples sharing a double sized bed to give each sleeper more.

What size if a superking size duvet?

Our superking size duvets measure 260cm x 220cm and our emperor duvets are a blissful 290cm x 235cm. Remember, you don’t need to match your duvet size to your mattress size. In fact, you may sleep more comfortably with a larger duvet – so think about upsizing your duvet (and duvet covers of course) to the size up from your mattress for an even better night’s sleep.

What size is an emperor duvet?

Measuring an impressive 290cm x 235cm our emperor duvets are the largest size that we stock.

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